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Well, as I see it, we are plainly at a cross roads of our future........

There are any pressures to compete now, and I am sure Aquallini does not want to loose millions, as the future may offer, so there are 3 options the Canucks have before them.

Option #1. Is to acknowledge the Sedin's still have some vey good years in front of them, and will compete for 3 to 5 years, as a topline. Remember at this time, they have no other support, thereby having to face top line Dman and Defensive forwards every shift, which they have always had to face, but not at 35 and aging. A quick look of the team states the obvious, and says that part of the team is too young, to compete in the positions they have been assigned this year......meaning too hard of minutes for the young ones, thereby meaning it is very easy to shut down the team.

The answer to this option is to sell, assets, with vets to up grade positions of weakness.....Aka.......Trade for T. Hamonic and other higher end talent to up grade, the team. This should be done at the end of the year, as we will have higher grade assets and can trade next years (2017) picks as well.

This option, however if attempted, will make us a top 3rd of the league, but I am afraid, we would fall short of being a true contender. But we would not go through a 3 to 5 year dull tooth ache. Not until the Sedin's go. This would not be my choice, because again, our cupboards would be bare, but it would shut the bandwagoners up, as they jump ship like scurrying rats.

I do not think this would be effective as our cap would prevent us from making all the necessary trades

Option #2. Is to stay our present course until the trade deadline and dump our vets that can and will take a trade for what ever we can, this option will definitely force us into a complete rebuild and drop us in the standings further, allowing us to gather higher end assets, and to gather more assets from the trades.

This should flood our team with extra seconds and thirds, which have inconsistent returns. Packaging and taking on cap, as part of the deals, will improve these trade returns, but will cause further economic pain for Aquaman.

This is IMO is the optimum way for us to proceed, but I am not sure Trevor and JIm, will do this in full gear, as again Aquallini will have to eat a lot of cash, but ultimately, with the addition of UFA's to a spend to the cap team, this will be the fastest way to a complete rebuild, and a competitive team. (Keep our prospects)

Option #3. Is too simply, add a center for this year to help Horvat and McCann, and probably the Sedin's in the long run, resulting us being middle of the road competitive, and making the playoffs, where who knows if a #15 or #16 seed can win the Stanley Cup? Hey it has happened before. (Maybe trading away a few prospects and draft picks, to add a another Dman, but not gutting our future.)

To me this gives us a few more years of mediocrity, I am not sure our cap could take it, and at the end, we would be further behind the eight ball.

This is an option that is being talked about now. To me this is the worse of the bunch, but it does prolong any pain, and hey! You never know what magic might happen.... maybe a prospect like Hutton is just about to pop out! Personally, other than Broeser and Demko......I don't see it, but one never knows!

Anyways...... I was just thinking I would put it into a poll, and see what you guys thought!

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the only thing i see happening before the trade deadline, is signing vrbata and moving him and something to montreal for tinordi and centre help...nothing that will turn this team around right now...his scouts are looking for short term help....eventually, more vets will be moved out but not to the point of throwing our youth under the bus.....the sedans are not going anywhere and i don't think edler will agree to be moved....he can't move players until he can replace them...

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1 minute ago, janisahockeynut said:


I started saying this 2 years ago.......there was not many of us saying it back then, and I don't think I have wavered much from that point... you on the other hand have never told me why you think any different.

For me, I call them, the way I see them....right now I am worrying about the kids on the club...pretty much nothing else.....probably the trade deadline too.......

I play the standings in percentages.......the Canucks are falling fast! and have been the worst team in the league in the last 16 games.......worst!, and are sitting 8th OA from the bottom for the whole year, so far.

Personally, I don't want to see them get anyone.....bring up vey and take it like a man......toss the season in if you can't make it work... the I think about the young guys.....and then get stuck on my theory

So I look for poster that will comment with solid posts and either change my view or suggest alternatives,,,,,,,,

Which side are you on?




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