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[Proposal] Vancouver-Nashville

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So bored so here is my Tradedeadline Vrbata deal.


  • Saros
  • 2016 2nd



  • Vrbata

IMO Saros is going to be a stud goalie, he fills in the gap between "The Demko Era" and the "Miller years" if Markstrom doesn't turn out. Nashville already has a ton of goaltending depth and with Rinne and Hutton forming a solid 1-2 punch for at least the next 3 years Saros is the odd man out.

Saros is an amazing goaltending but is under 6 ft which is why he fellow so much. Multiple scouts have said that if he was 6'1 + he would have been a 1st round pick and one of the first goalies off the board


Fire away

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Saros is redundant.

Miller, Markstrom, Demko, Cannata, yadda yadda.

Wouldn't fit with us. 

Actually, it depends. Saros would be down in Utica for several years and join Demko. Markstrom would by then be our number 1 or still our backup. 

Eh, mixed emotions with this trade. I can tell you many upsides and downsides with acquiring a goaltender.

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 decent value wise but Nashville will counter something like this I think. 








I doubt they want to trade saros. They picked him for a reason and he is the same age as Demko. So makes no sense to gain an asset that we are fairly deep in. If we need a backup or a starter once miller leaves and if Markstrom isn't good enough. We can when the time calls for it. 


Hoping we go after 3-4 dman in our first 5picks.(including incoming picks we probably get at this time)


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Value is dead on. Its fair in my opinion.

But, cough I have him in one of my pools, Rinne is having a crappy year. Plus he's 33.

0.906 save % YTD. Cough 56th in the NHL. And they are hurting, losing games off his ordinary play.

I'm not trading a hot goalie prospect ATM if I'm Nashville.


Similarly, we have bigger fish to fry!

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1 hour ago, smithers joe said:

why would a team move their young prospects for players becoming ufa and on the down hill side of their careers...?  all we'll get for these guys are other team's struggling players...

With that logic where do team acquire players at the trade deadline? Because the Stanley Cup is the final goal

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