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Hamonic to Van


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++ (like Gaunce, or a 2nd?)


Too far off,? I have no idea what the plus should be I think , they wanted a similar roster player, we CANT get rid of Tanev, our defense is too bad, and we cant really get rid of this year's first. I'd say gaunce or something, cause JB is an idiot and cant clear up a roster spot. Still room to get in that playoff spot if we shore up our defense, which has been a dumpster fire so far relying too much on guys like Sbisa/weber/bart. Hamonic fits the bill. Thoughts from Isles fans? We don't need another puck mover like Edler, and hamhuis never seems enough to get any player these days

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So I need to know.  is it THAT hard to use two of these [ ] and write the word proposal between them in your threads or is it something inherent in your typing or copy and paste ability from HF that keeps you from doing the literal bare minimum when posting here?

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