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[PGT] WCE Night | Canucks 5 | Refs+Sabres 2 | Vrby Hatty


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This is what we need every game. WCE giving tips to the boys. 

Naslund - Head Coach

Bertuzzi & Morrison - Assistants

The WCE coaching staff: 1-0

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A much better effort by the entire team, it must have been a hell of a pep talk from the WCE lol. 

bye Weber!

Biegksa has looked so much better in one game than the entire 21 games Weber has played for us. No smiling, no helping the opponent to the bench, no random icing and was physical all night despite his size. 

I hope with the Vrbadass hatty that the flood gates will open for the whole team and get on a long winning streak.


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