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[PGT] WCE Night | Canucks 5 | Refs+Sabres 2 | Vrby Hatty


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1 minute ago, Canucks Prophet said:

Horvat looked pretty good tonight. Had some transition chances, seemed solid defensively, and Sven has to bury that great pass Bo sent his way. 

While everyone has been critical of Horvat for not replicating what he did last season, he has actually been fine.

He hasn't been a liability so...can't really complain.

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2 hours ago, Bang Bang Boogie said:

Guys obviously I was the key to this game.  The first game I went to this season, against the Blackhawks, Daniel gets a hat trick.  Tonight, my second game of the season, Vrbata gets a hat trick.

Let me know which game to go to next so a Canuck can get a hat trick.

Were you one of the 4 people that threw their hat for daniel's hatty?

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To those complaining about refs, we have had the most power play opportunities in the league. 

That said, the 1st had some brutal calls, and it was good to see the team bounce back regardless. 

Every line played well. Sedins kept up their stellar play. Sven, Bo, and Burrows played great defensively and got some chances. Radim led the third line with his Vrbat trick, but McCann played really well too. The 4th line finally rewarded Desjardins' faith in starting them in the o-zone, as Prust got his first goal as a Canuck.

The back end was a lot more steady too. Having a confident Vrbata on the point in the power play allowed us to substitute Biega for Weber, which made a difference.

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15 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Good question..anyone know? Ashbridge does has a classic & familiar sound.

i tried googling it but couldnt find anything. this sites profile of him hasnt been updated for a year or more. someone on here should know something hopefully.


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Well, that was a great game to be at. Got my souvenir puck and everything. Here are my thoughts.

1. I like how Biega is eager to jump into the play on the rush but he has to be careful not to get burned when the play is turned around because in no way does he have the jets to recover.

2. Bo looked pretty solid and was finding himself in good spots. He is snakebitten as hell, tho. Pucks skipping up on him, losing sight of the puck when he could have had a two on one, etc. He's gonna be fine, so please stop making threads about moving him.

3. Everyone was skating. The last few games I had attended had large stretches where the boys just weren't interested in being proactive and it was painful to watch. We were hemmed in a few times but didn't surrender much in the way of extended zone time, which was a good sign. Win or lose, I want them to be playing like they care. Good stuff.

4. lol @ ref hatred. Gionta's goal was close but even Millsy knew it was in. Willie didn't draw out a debate because it was a good goal. As for the non-goal for Burr, the ref couldn't see it and blew it dead. This happens frequently across the league and is not a sign of Burr's reputation biting him. The energy given to these conspiracy theories are wasted.

5. Prust makes a lot of little plays in the offensive zone, even if it doesn't always lead to a goal. I love it.

6. Nazzy giving it to Mo during the intermission interview. "I noticed a lot of Brenden's goals were two-foot tap ins."

7. This win is bigger than people think. Buffalo has a lot of talent and battled well. Funny how a loss would only cement how awful we are but winning means nothing to some people.

Just keep playing hard, boys. The hockey gods will smile upon those who move those feet and keep the sticks on the ice. :towel:

Anyone still seriously entertaining the notion of tanking can leave, plz.

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I agree with most of what has been said above. We seemed to rediscover the form that pumped Chicago and as I said at the time that is the team I think we are.

For me it is simple, when every man gives his all, keeping it simple and maintaining a high tempo we are a match for anyone.

Just a couple of things. I have pleaded for Biega to be part of our defence since the start of the season, why? because he plays it simple and when in doubt he plays the man. There was 2 or 3 classic instances of it against the Sabres. 

That is old school and for me at any rate the only way for any small D to play. Weber could learn much from watching Biega, they all could.

Lastly a word for Baertschi. I have been one of his fiercest critics and I make no apology for that based on how he has played most nights.

However I enjoyed his game against Buffalo, he was involved, made some good outlet passes and an amazing defensive save diving full length to knock the puck away after Bartowski (?) had been outpaced. He deserved a goal from that great chance laid on by Bo too.

It wasn't all plain sailing, he still falls back and tucks in behind the opposing player as they approach the boards and he still has a tendency to abandon the the puck if he sees a hit coming. These things still worry me but his level of performance o/a was much better.

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