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[proposals] Van-Ott

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How bad do we want a franchise Dman? Imagine the Sedins playing with Karlsson. Can we get him? Probably not, but what if we gave the a huge offer? One they couldn't pass up on.


Something like:


To Ott:





2016- 1st (top 10 protected), 2nd, 3rd

The pick is top 10 protected. so if we happen to get a top 10 pick, we keep it. If they dont get this years pick they will get our 2017 1st and 3rd.


To Van:



Id add a bit more if i had to. Its deffiently a fantasy and would never happen, but it would be hard for Ottawa to just ignore an offer like this. Hutton is viewed as a very good prospect rightfully so, and is an Ontario boy so it could add good value to the trade. Would you be willing to give this up for Karlsson? It would be tough to lose these players, but i trust JBs ability to draft highly skilled forwards to replace them.

  Id love to see Karlsson with the Sedins, id even be willing to trade them to Ottawa to see it. however id rather him come here. It might be tough this year but i wouldnt mind a top 10 pick either :) lol. We could ice this team the rest of the year:


Sedin Sedin Vrbata

Baertschi Sutter Hansen

Burrows Prust Virtanen

Higgins Cracknell Dorsett






Hamhuis Karlsson

Bartkowski Tanev

Sbisa Weber





Plus we will have to take on some lower depth players to help make roster space for ottawa. We cam retain some of our picks by trading hamhuis, Vrbata, and Higgins at the deadline. 

I would s#!+ my pants if Benning pulled something like this off. We have the cap space to do some exiting things in the offseason, so we could possibly habe a cup conteder if you really think about it. Remember those Sedins and Salo days? Pretty good, right? Just imagine the twins with Karlsson. I know, i know the twins are old, blah blah blah. Thats because they dont have the players to play the game they want to. I dont watch many games, but when i do, the Sedins are clearly still our best players. They are elite, and i dont gibe a dam what anyone thinks lol they are probably the most skilled duo in NHL history. I dont care what the stats say. Our powerplay next year could look like:


Sedin Sedin Lucic

Byfuglien Karlsson


Out OT squad could look like


Sedin Sedin



Could you imagine? Stanley cup contenders baby :towel:


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There goes our depth for a player who's a captain for the Sens and wouldn't want to come to Vancouver anyways.

But seeing as that you're having fun with things a little, why not ;)

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I think some people are getting a little desperate to give the Sedins another title run.

Yes, I would like it if the Sedins got one more legit chance at the cup. But I'm not willing to tear apart our future to do it. 

The Sedins had their opportunity to win it all. Game 7 at home, everything was there. It's time to move on and focus on the future of this franchise.

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I agree but we would still have good prospects in:













Yes we are giving up 3 of our top prospects, but we have so many good ones coming up i would be comfortable trading them for Karlsson. Karlsson is only 24 (maybe 25?) so hes still very young. We still have vrbata and hamhuis availiable to trade to get a couple picks back this year, plus prust and higgins if we really wanted to stock pile picks.


Then the cap is suppose to go up 3M next year and i believe we will be at about 17M in cap space (could be wrong i never researched the #'s) and could add pieces to build a very competitive team for the next few years. Players like Lucic and Byfuglien. Also add more depth.


With us getting more picks we can start stock piling more prospects in our farm. After hearing Benning say this years draft is deeper than last years im really confident he will draft some studs. If it were gillis in the GM seat i wouldnt. But i believe in Benning enough when it comes to drafting that id be willing to part with said players for Karlsson.


This way we stay young, very competitive, and still stock the prospect cupboard in the meantime. Next years line up could look really good with Karlsson in it. Its obviously a fantasy but i would deffiently give up these pieces for Karlsson. Id prefer to trade Shinkaruk over McCann though.



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