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With an incredibly weak Pacific, Benning should load up for one more Sedin run

Sedin Brothers

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Just now, Sedin Brothers said:


Yeah... that's called weak.


But I disagree about ANA.. and SJ is inconsistent just like us.

Teams within the Pacific are certainly 'weak' but there's good teams within it as well. Overall, sure it's a 'weak' division compared to say the Central. That doesn't mean we'd have any hope getting through the better and/or larger teams than us in it though. 

It also ignores that we'd still have to get through the cream of the Central division crop. 

This is so far from the year to load up for a cup run, it's not even funny.

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2 minutes ago, Sedin Brothers said:

Based on two thirty goal seasons before he was 20, and based on the fact he was doing that with Alex Semin and Eric Staal as line mates instead of the two best cyclers in the league

It's been proven by now that you can't just slot someone in beside the Sedins and they magically become 40 goal scorers by default.

Skinner is one more concussion from retirement. No point in giving any futures for him.

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Let's see here ...


When healthy we look like this ...


Sedin Sedin Hansen

Shinkaruk McCann Sutter

Baertschi Horvat Burrows

Prust Cracknell Dorsett



Edler Tanev

Hamhuis Biega 

Hutton Sbisa

Bartkowski Weber





Trade Higgins and Vrbata for picks, something tells me Hamhuis will re-sign at a discount. I think that team is capable of going on a cinderella run, while still maintaining asset management. 


Best of both worlds...


Am I being unrealistic?



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39 minutes ago, Sedin Brothers said:

Despite all the lows, here we are sitting just a few points out of first in the Pacific. There are a few D-men that we could probably pick up, such as Harmonic, etc. There's also some top end depth players who are young that can be here for the future on the trade block (Evander Kane, Jeff Skinner). I know people want to lose and tank for what MIGHT be. But looks at this from a different perspective. There's also pieces we could have as rentals, like an Eric Staal (though much more far-fetched).


Yes we have young pieces and why trade those young pieces? Well because they haven't been proven yet. As good as Shinkaurk, Cassels Subban, etc. COULD be, trading them in a package for a player like Harmonic would definitely better the team in the long run IMO.


Dallas was very mediocre last year with a top line that generated top 5 points in the NHL, like the Canucks have this year. One year later with the addition of Oduya, Sharp, etc, they are the best team in the NHL.

IF WE AREN'T TRADING THE SEDIN'S that's fine, but we might as well make the most out of this year, and their time here. WE WILL NEVER TANK COMPLETELY WITH THEM HERE. They won't allow it. I bet Benning is seeing the same thing. We don't need to tank to be productive.  So we might as well win or try to be competitive. Even if it takes trading certain old core members, the time is now or never. A 10th pick and 16th pick isn't that different folks.


Go ahead and bash this opinion. Fact is we are only a Sutter return, an additional top 6 scorer, or a defender away from being true competitors in the West.

 I've got nothing against doing that, and I know we're in the minority on this one, but you think you can get Hamonic for Shink, Cassels and Subban? Your dreaming! Islanders want McCann or Horvat along with Edler and a 2nd. Way to high of a price to pay if you ask me.

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A weak division still means a strong Central...Still means a strong Metropolitan....load up?  Suggesting we trade for goodies right?  meaning picks prospects right?  meaning wtf?


No....no depth, no future, no chance that should happen.


Know who else thought the pacific was weak and they should go all in?  The Japanese.  They made some noise in the first game of the first round.  how'd the rest of their playoff hopes go?

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I agree that we should be trying to win for as long as we have the Sedins. Start the rebuild after they leave, we're just wasting their talent if we do it now.

I think it's probably too late to go for it this year though. Too many poor decisions by Benning (imo) that leave us far too weak defensively, and without enough cap space to bring in the talent we'd need.

If we make the playoffs, or come close, maybe they consider it next year. But even then I'd doubt it.

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The problem is that to get top level younger players with term left on their contracts (the only thing we should be interested in)... you have to give up something significant.

Trading away our top young players, prospects, and picks is a pretty terrible idea at this point.

Also, while the weak division does mean it is more possible for us to make the playoffs... we will also not be playing against them in the playoffs and can easily get bounced by a superior team from another division.

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57 minutes ago, Sedin Brothers said:

Would you trade Shinkaurk and a 2nd or 3rd for Skinner?

Nope. We'd be way over the cap for one and it'd be just a small part of the required moves to really make us competitive for two. I'd give them Virtanen and find a way to move some cap if they gave us Hanafin back as well though (they're rumoured to be open to including a prospect to get rid of his contract)

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Loading up works when you are a contender. Sorry to break it to you, but we are not. And "loading up" wouldn't change that either.

I would much rather sit back and watch our rookies develop, than try to pick up some depth to attempt at a probably poor playoff run.

Personally I would rather see the bulk of our vets go in return for some MORE rookies/picks

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