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Star Wars: The Mafia Awakens (Game Over Mafia Win)

Beluga Whale

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Welcome to Star Wars Mafia! This game will be based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and will be hosted by yours truly, Beluga Whale.


Game Begins: December 16th - Sometime in the afternoon.

Game Schedule:


Round 1 – December 16th to 18th


Round 2 – December 18th to 19th


Round 3 – December 19th to 20th


Round 4 – December 20th to 21st


Round 5 – December 21st to 22nd


Round 6 – December 22nd to 23rd




Standard Mafia Rules: http://cdcmafia.wikia.com/wiki/CDC_Mafia_Rulebook#CDC_Mafia_Rulebook

Rules specific to this game:


General Rules:

  • Nightfall will take place at 9:00 PM PST. All night actions need to be submitted before 8:45 PM.
  • PMing will not be allowed unless I create the PM.
  • Do NOT quote anything I have written in a Role PM.


  • This game will be strictly Town vs Mafia with no third party roles.
  • The Town will be those allied with The Resistance and the Mafia will be those allied with the First Order.
  • Everyone will be getting a character( from this movie and/or other star wars media) however mass claiming will be unwise due to certain implementations.
  • The Mafia will be given characters allied with the New Order AS WELL as a "safe claim". A group of Resistance aligned roles  will be randomized and distributed to the regular tp's and mafia without bias.
  • The Tp specials are Resistance aligned roles with predetermined characters and will have night abilities.
  • There will be roughly 1/4 of the players being mafia and 1/4 of the tp's having a special role. 
  • Action Order (these roles may or may not be included in the game).
    Strongman Kills 
    Role-blocking abilities
    Saving abilities
    Mafia night kills
    Vigilante kills


Nightfall Reports:

  • Upon death, a player's FULL Role Card will be revealed (this information may be useful in strategizing for tp specials). 
  • Examples of a Role Card: 
      Hide contents



    You are Porkins, a Regular Towns-person and are allied with the Resistance. Your power lies in your vote and you win when all the mafia have been eliminated.

    Good luck, and may the Force be with you.


Important Note: Make sure you have the time to actively participate in this game should you sign up. You should be able to post and vote every single day while you are in the game.

This game will run from December 16th to around the 22-24th so make sure you are available on all those days if you want to sign up.





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2 minutes ago, Time Lord said:

Regarding your poll: I don't think people without roles should get a character because then the townspeople can just mass-claim without much doubt to their claims. But if you do give everyone a character, you should give the mafia safe-claims.

Thanks for bringing this up, I forgot to mention it in the poll. In the scenario where I give everyone a character, the mafia will be given safe claims to prevent mass claiming.

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