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(proposal) oh joy! Van pitty

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Vrbata to Pits

Lovejoy + 3rd (of course I'd prefer a second but don't think penguins would bite even if we dangled Webber herring) to Van 1.1m Rhd Big mobile vet. 

Both Ufa. Cap works for pits with Dupuis out and gives us a pretty solid vet RHD to pair with our inexperienced multiple LHD's we will be calling upon in Hammers absence. And When if Hammer returns he definitely helps balance our depth on D. He knows how the west rolls. Vrbata certainly won't be back next year whereas Lovejoy could be resigned and be a good stop gap player for us without making to many waves on our ability to make other offseason moves. This move also gives us close to 4 mill if we somehow managed to back into a playoff spot, if not the aqua men won't be gritting their teeth so hard that they spent to the cap and whiffed on playoff revenue.  

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Slanging a turd for a rw goal scorer which they have admitted  needing won't make or break their future but could make a big diff in the now for them while they still Have Cros Malk tang and the other Kes.

Though I do agree their future looks bleak.

But a deep playoff run could raise some values for them to make some moves to re stock those cupboards.

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You don't waste Virby on a stop-gap rental, we're not all-in like some others.

You use UFAs to trade to get better for the future.

Unfortunate that Fedun got injured b/c he would've been a logical right shooting defenceman to call up. 

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