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So Which Decade?


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20 minutes ago, etsen3 said:

It's hard to pick just one.  Henrik has had a (slightly) more distinguished career, but you pretty much have to mention the two together.

I think Burke's maneuvering to be able to draft both Sedins doesn't get talked about enough in comparison to how genius it really was.  Pulling off that convoluted series of trades to get the number 2 and 3 picks was ballsy but paid off incredibly. Not very often you get two Art Ross winning players back to back at the same draft, especially with the 99 draft being so crappy. 

Yep. That's why I can never really hate Burke no matter what he says or does. I thank him for getting us the Sedins. Sedins are the type of players that make the fans proud to be a fan of the Canucks.

As for Daniel vs Henrik. Before Henrik taking over in 09-10, I got the sense that Daniel was favoured by the fans and the media mainly because he could score goals whereas Henrik passed "too much" and he wouldn't be too much of anything without his goal scoring brother. But that 112 points season changed everything.



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