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Team Canada WJC - Virtanen update


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Canada lines:







Canada spent chunk of time on special teams at practice

PP1 Sanheim-Virtanen-Point-Marner-Strome

PP2 Chabot-Hicketts-Bazal-Perlini-Gauthier

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On 12/16/2015 at 11:21 AM, Rush17 said:


Lowry looks like he really wants McCann lol.  The way he's sucking up too Virt and the nux.  ^^  


Well McCann would make that team better.  And Lowry does coach in this province - and played for the Canucks...

So any crumbs we can get, are appreciated.a

But Jake deserves a primary role on that team regardless.

I think he's a great coach - it's a pleasure to have him maximizing the Royals.


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I hope McCann plays in the WJC too! McCann and Virt on the 1st line and the #1 PP

He also is nearing his 40 games played which would take a year off of his free agency,

It will give Benning a little more time to decide.

Considering he will have a long career with the Canucks, this is important

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Virt looks good out there.  I know there are many clamouring to send him back to jr, but I see do too many of the power forward flyby's on the forecheck.  I think he will continue with bad habits in Jr, and would prefer the Canucks have the direct hand in his development at this crucial stage, rather than letting the Hitmen do what is best for their organization, not best for Jake and the Canucks.  In no way does he look out of place in the NHL, so let him stay.

One thing I'm curious about is if he is eligible for the AHL after the hockey canada roster freeze in January.......anyone?

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10 hours ago, JoGuitar said:

No, he would still be ineligible. Jake is going to feel like he's playing in slow motion after playing in the show.

ya.  he looks surprised how slow it is lol.  tomorrows game should be a bit more of a challenge though.  Hopefully he comes out strong and shows what nhl intensity can do at this level.  He could literately dominate if hes with the right teammates.  I wouldn't be opposed to having him on the LW of the top line if crouse is out.  Just to get the juices flowing.  I know nux want him on his natural stick side though.  

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Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters  50m50 minutes ago

Team Canada D v CZE






Team Canada lines v CZE




Virtanen-Barzal-Hawryluk Merkley


Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters  1h1 hour ago

Canada v Czechs 10 am ET on TSN 1/3/4/5 Final cuts expected tonight ... one last chance to impress

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Virtanane played well started to look himself he had a couple power moves to the net an had 4 or 5 chances, not sure who will be his permanent linemates yet. He had a couple of point blank chances an his crease presence was very good as game went he seemed to skate better an created a nice power rush across blue line cut across an broke thru to the net an seems to getting his stride back as well as conditioning.

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