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[Discussion] The WJC was an invention created by TSN to sell Canadian Tire products to hockey-crazy Canadian fans in the dead of winter


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On 14/12/2015 at 10:51 AM, TOMapleLaughs said:

The product on the ice is massively overrated and over-hyped.  Fans and media take a microscope to every decision and every play even though these are teenagers who have not developed yet and the 'coaching' may not even be understood due to this lack of development.

That being said, it probably does make a lot of money, so it is what it is.

What say you?

I say it was going long before canadian Tire

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On 15/12/2015 at 5:09 PM, RRypien37 said:

I'd rather watch the WJHC than regular season NHL games. 

Way more passion and entertainment. 

With the frequency of lead changes and the number of mistakes the kids make, you can tell the game means a lot to the players. The mistakes aren't due to a lack of ability; they're constantly on edge. If something is 'just hype', then why do the players still care so much?

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Yeah it's a bit overhyped (just look at the commercials) but TSN does a great job at producing it and it's some exciting hockey.

I don't really care for the games where Canada dummies Germany or Switzerland or Denmark and they get all cocky because they put up 9 goals against terrible teams. I'm actually glad we didn't win gold for a few years because it lets the other countries get a turn and build some positive momentum for their programs. It also brings Canadian juniors back to ground in terms of their expectations. During the 5 years we didn't win gold, it seemed like our team always felt entitled to the gold and would dive/embellish and blame the refs if they were losing. 

Last year's team was truly dominant and it was a joy to watch. Hopefully this year's team is the same.

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