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Horvat line mates and future plans

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I'm sorry if this has been posted already but I haven't posted in awhile....

Can anyone tell me why the coaching staff has not gone back to the well and put the Hansen with Horvat combo back together? That line worked well last year, and would make sense to give a shot, especially while Kenins is up?

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Hansen Horvat Kenins/Baertschi

Vrbata Mcann Higgins

Prust Cracknel Dorcett

Also for the future:

 A trade must be on the horizon, especially now that Hammer is out, but who have you guys heard is available? I heard the Tinordi rumours but I feel that's a trade we'd make closer to the deadline for next year, and we need a guy who can come in and play 20 or so minutes..

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Hansen is really buzzing with the twins. Hasn't scored in a while but they generate more chances with Hansen than anyone else. We might as well be a 1 line team over a 0 line team.

I do agree though, if Hansen goes another couple of games without producing I'd love to see us try something else. One thing AV did that WD hasn't done is really experiment by playing hot players together. Cracknell has been brilliant so far and I really think he deserves a shot with the Sedins. He plays a hard, heavy game, can win puck battles and take the puck hard to the net. That's all the Sedins need. Then there's Vbrata who is slowly cooling off but still generating chances. I say get him up to the top line and go with this:


Sedin - Sedin - Vbrata

Baertschi - McCann - Burrows

Dorsett - Horvat - Hansen (the line that started it all for Horvat)

Higgins - Cracknell - Prust


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5 hours ago, canuktravella said:

why would tinordi resign with habs next yr hes been a healthy scratch all yr  if anything we will trade for him in next few weeks or not at all. hansen is playing better with sedins  so horvat will still be playing with baertchi

Because he's a RFA, not UFA. So he'll have limited options if Montreal hasnt dealt with the situation by then (which they likely will). He can hold out. Or he can sign an offer sheet.   Other than that. 

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