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[Waivers] Zack Kassian


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4 minutes ago, LeanBeef said:

Doubt the Canucks even attempt to put a claim, would be nice to have him back though.

Especially if Lucic goes to free agency and Benning signs him. Having Kassian cleaned up, and playing on a line with Lucic would be a sight to behold, what with all the carnage to be had.

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35 minutes ago, SILLY GOOSE said:

excellent role model for McCann Virtanen 

Not every player on the team has to be a role model. The Sedins are more than enough.

This obsession (not saying it's yours, by the way) with Canucks players being completely upstanding members of society and having spotless souls is nauseating.

The kids coming into this team need to learn the right way to play from the vets. That's it. How they manage themselves is their business and their responsibility. They are adults, are they not?

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So, I think I suggested when he got suspended without pay, that he would likely be without a team or contract at the end of this year, and its looking more and more like that will happen.

He has a ton of talent, but definitely has an attitude problem.

For everyone criticizing Benning for trading him in the first place, you can shut up now. Its likely that Montreal also inquired about trading him instead of waiving him and no one was willing to give up anything for him. Won't be surprised if he's off to the AHL before the end of the week.

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Someone remind me of the rules - dont  the lowest ranked teams get first crack at the waiver wire.

Should have picked up Stoll and Kass and put them on the same line- could have called it the "hide your daughters" line...

Seriously though - would love to see Canucks give big Zack a second chance...

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