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CDC Life Sim: More Soup [FULL]

Kazmanian Devil

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Finale: Fox



Name: Ez El Din Bu Shari
Residency: Sakakah, Saudi Arabia
Job: Business Owner
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Language: Arabic
Health Issues: Growth Stunting
Relationship: Married to Faten
Net Worth: 34,580 riyal
Notes: Had a son named Suleiman. Your wife died in a car accident. You died of bladder cancer at age 60.

RIP Ez El Din Bu Shari

OG Nail


Name: Raymond Rice
Residency: Spanish Town, Jamaica
Job: Handicraft Worker
Religion: Protestant
Language: Creole English
Health Issues: Growth Stunting, Paralysis
Relationship: Married to Nicole
Net Worth: 971,994 dollars
Notes: Your brother Leonard commited suicide due to schizo. Became an alcoholic. Hit by a car and broke your femur, even though you're already paralyzed. Died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at 49.

RIP Raymond Rice


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