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Canucks call up Vey


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Oy Vey.  Too bad he missed playing during Hanukkah this year.

On a more serious note, does it really matter?  It's gotten to a point where I don't get upset over the losses (which is probably good from a health standpoint), as long as they play well enough.  I"m sure things will be ugly if Hank is out for any time.  Who would qualify as a 1C?

If Arte Johnson was coach, would he think the situation Vey-ry interesting? 

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I am serious guys... Christmas could not have come sooner! LOL...... Vey to the rescue! He's gonna dash and mesh and form a superb line with Baertschi and Horvat tonight! We Canucks will only lose trying hard!!! Now, somebody please set the Magic# countdown to Auston Matthews' Welcome to Vancouver Party!!!

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Ummmm that's not good aha

Com on guys give him the benefit of the doubt this is Willie's boy.

as long as the scent of putrified sweat drips off the reall good guys WD will be satisfied 



LOL there are now two threads going with the Vey topic on display lets go Canucks

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