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PGT: Canucks Win 4-3!


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everyone is gonna pick Miller or Vey as the reason we won. No the reason this team won today was because of the junk yard dog Beiga, he was all over the ice in the defensive zone. I think he broke many scoring chances, and many tap ins.

Now this is the thing, imagine hamuis was still on the team and they remained healthy, would you see Biega? Well I watched him in the AHL playoffs, called him a junkyard dog then and I will call him that again. This guy played his best game and as far as im  concerned he's the reason we won. Garret is a clown picking guys who score, Biega did more then score tonight he saved many goals. 

Biega is a similar case to Griener, another guy who I watched in the playoffs and enjoyed his game, but again the only way management give the guys in the farm ( who are ready for the NHL) is through a injury.  

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Vey gets a 17 year Kovalchuk contract tomorrow, Higgins is named player-coach, Miller runs for U.S. President and wins, O'Sullivan and Burrows hug on Parliament Hill....am I getting carried away for a SO win where we still gave up some pretty horrible plays and looked dreadful in overtime???? haha, nice goals by our young guys and we found a way. Winning once in a while won't hurt the tank too much.

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