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PGT: Canucks Lose 5-4


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Why isn't anyone making PGT's anymore? Everyone's jumping ship, no one left to make topics?


For a 5-4 game, that was fairly boring. We can't OT to save our lives, its embarrassing. Also, 

When did Luongo learn how to shootout?


McCann's play of late is awesome. His SO goal was pretty

Baer is killing it lately, same with Horvat

That pass from Hansen on Danny's goal was beaut. 


Everything else

I hope Miller is okay!

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1 minute ago, Gstank29 said:

So many injuries.......

I can't remember having this many important players out at the same time in the regular season before

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Just now, Nuxfanabroad said:

This should further deter JB from(short term-benefit) deals. Obviously not our year..think long term & deal any vets possible.

Agreed. There's no reason to try and fix this mess, just play it out and see what happens. 

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one thing i love in canucks games, is when a defenseman enters the zone, with momentum, they seem to hit a wall, like, 10 feet before the trapezoid and automatically try to shoot it, when there is no chance for the shot, it's blocked or their stick gets checked. every single time this happens. it's almost like they're told to not just hang on to the puck to find a play -__-'

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