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Endless Possibilitys (Discussion/Trades?UFA's)

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I have really been struggling on whether to write this thread, or just sit back and read all the other endless arguments over whether we are in a rebuild or we are not in a rebuild

The fact is there are endless ways we (The Canucks Executive) could move through the rest of this season, and into the next few seasons.

I would like to present one scenario, that is possible (Unlikely, but possible)

First off, let's consider how much cap is coming off the books in the next 3 years:

End of 2016 .....15, 800, 000 + Estimated Cap increase 3,100,000 = $ 18,900,000    (Vrbata, Prust, Cracknell, Hamhuis, *Bartkowski, Weber

End of 2017.......14,500,000   + Unknown Cap increase   (Burrows, Higgins, Miller, *Markstrom)

End of 2018.......20,100,000   + Unknown Cap increase   (H.Sedin, D.Sedin, *Hansen, *Sbisa)

*Players I would consider resigning

My idea started last week when I suggested trading Edler or at least having the idea considered

My suggestion would be as follows:

2015-2016 Trade deadline.....trade Edler (possible return from Ottawa Cowen, 2016 1st-18 OA, 2016 2nd-48 OA)    

                                           .....trade Vrbata to Montreal for 2016-2nd 52OA + 2016 2nd-58 OA

                                            ....Trade Hamhuis + Van's 2017 3rd to Dallas for 2016 1st-29 OA 

                                            .....Trade Prust for 2016-3rd (Destination Unknown)

    *Kicker.... Trade  B prospect +  2016-2nd-58OA  for Columbus's 2016 2nd 31st OA + B prospect    (Now I know this is unusual, but, this ensures us of Columbus 2nd round pick this year.

This gives us 3-1st rounders (Van,Ott,Dallas) + 4 -2nd's (Cbs,Van, Ott, min).......all in the top 52  

Now with the cap space + the Edler trade = $23,900,000         

My suggestion is Byfuglien, Lucic, and Boedker for the 2016-2017 season, ........our own youngsters can fill     


Now I now that this is just crazy, way too many moving pieces....................but thanks for reading!   

Merry Christmas Jan! lol                                

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4 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

This club needs a young PMD.  Preferably one that will contribute in a meaningful way while the twins are still effective.   

I don't see where all of your bolded font directly addresses this.   


Well, I agree with you completely Fanuck,     but I just don't see teams willing to give them up, so the whole point of this exercise in futility, was to build a better team, while accumulating picks to go find our own PMD or 2.

I mean really, if you count the 1st's and the first 2-nds, we would have 5 picks in the first, what? 36?

We basically, with what we already have in young players and prospects on the team, are way out in front of where we should be because of multiple 1st in the last couple years...........

I am for this purpose, looking at the glass half full.....I don't mind moving up in the draft with a 2 for 1 kinda thing either if the prospect we want is there for the taking....just saying!

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I'd still love to stick with this, and I think it's fairly realistic.


Hamhuis + Vbrata + 2nd + Pedan for Hamonic +4th (they've got 6M + 3M from Hamonic in cap space, we retain a bit of Hamhuis' cap)

Sure they're two rentals but they're damn good ones for a team that wants to go on a Cup run. Top-4 defenceman and top-6 scorer, high 2nd round pick and a top AHL defenceman for a top-4 defenceman. This is as good a deal as NYI will get for Hamonic right now.

2016 Draft:

Higgins to anywhere for a 3rd or 4th round pick, whatever we can get

Draft 4 defencemen with our 6 or 7 picks, including the 1st rounder which will give us an A-grade defensive prospect (or alternatively, cheat and trade our 1st rounder for Sanheim/Theodore/Morrow)


One of Boedkker, Lucic, Okposo or Ladd 5-6M deal, 4-6 years

Try and sign Yandle to a 6-7M deal for however long he wants but I doubt it happens

Let Prust and Weber walk, re-sign everyone else


2016-2017 Lineup:

Sedin - Sedin - Lucic/Okposo/Ladd/Boedkker (doesn't really matter who, they'd all be fantastic linemates for the twins)

Baertschi - Sutter - Burrows

Gaunce - McCann - Hansen

Dorsett - Horvat - Virtanen



Yandle - Hamonic

Edler - Tanev

Hutton - Sbisa






That lineup with Yandle is a Pacific division champ hands down pending the Sedins' year. Without Yandle, I think that lineup still makes the playoffs. Without the first line winger UFA, that team struggles to score. Without Hamonic, that team isn't a playoff team at all.




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i'ld would still like the canucks to  take a run at shattenkirk...probably have to give up a 1st but maybe we could swap 1sts with st.louis...he would be our #1 d-man a scoring defenseman that is almost a point a game guy....pick up a tough stay at home d-man if we don't already have one in the organizations...move out hamhuis, weber, burrows, higgins, vrbata, cracknell and prust when someone shows they can play better...in today's nhl, it is difficult to trade cap for picks or prospects...hamhuis and vrbata are ufa after this year so teams won't want to give up much for short term help...there was some talk that if the canucks could sign vrbata for a couple more years, teams might be willing to take him....

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