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JB please try and do this.

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5 minutes ago, smithers joe said:

maybe we can give them higgins and weber...fair trade....

Ah, if only we still had Ballard and Raymond. That, plus our 1st, would get any combo of players in the league.


To the OP: I'm not sure what it would take to get both Hamonic and Barzal; probably a Tanev/Hutton and or McCann/Horvat plus some other pieces. I'm thinking that, if we continue to sink in the standings we can get a pretty darn good defenceman in the draft which would pretty much negate our need for Hamonic (as much as I'd like to see him in a Nucks uniform).

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1 hour ago, captaincowbasher said:

We all know Hammonic is available but what if the Canucks swung for the fences and try to get a package for Barzal and Hammonic, Barzal will be a number one play making center in the NHL. When Hank is done Barzal would be the perfect replacement. Question is, do the Islanders feel they need to add pieces for a run?

I thought Matthews was the future 1C for the Canucks...

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With a healthy Hamhuis and more, maybe the Canucks could have had a shot at a prospect like Barzal, but otherwise I don't see what we could give up for him, unless it's Edler or Tanev, which is highly unlikely.

If NYI trades Barzal its for a playoff run and at least a good top 6 F or top4 D, with something else (B level prospect(s)).

Unless we pull a David Poile (Erat-Forsberg) and trade Vrbata for Barzal, I don't see how that is possible.  Imagine Barzal AND Hamonic,  you would need to include at least McCann, Horvat or Virtanen.


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2 hours ago, thejazz97 said:

We already have too many centers. 

1. you can never have too many centers

2. we do?


Edler + Hansen+ zhukenov for Barzal and Hamonic

sign Lucic


in 5 years

Lucic Barzal Boeser

Beartschi Mcann Virtanen

Shinkaruk Horvat ----

Gaunce Cassels -----


Juolevi Hamonic

Hutton Tanev

Tryamkin Subban



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what makes you think Barzal will be a number one center as he hasn't proved anything yet in the nhl and we all know players that look awesome sometimes turn out to be nothing but a 3rd or 4th line player.I would not take a chance on an unknown player because you or anyone thinks he might be a number one guy!We have players that our management think will be that guy a number one to take over!!!

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5 minutes ago, Wild Sean Monahan said:

To be totally honest I'm 22 and don't know what that show is lol

Holy crap you're young!  My socks are older than you.  I'm impressed you are familiar with Friends.  That's before your time too.  Although Jennifer Anniston is truly ageless.  Double yum yum!  

As for Barzel, he does look like Joey.  Then, William Nylander looks like Jennifer!  :lol:  I know Barzel is coming off serious injury, but he looked behind the play to me today.  


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One question for the "get us Hamonic" supporters out there. ...how exactly does a trade to Vancouver meet his request when Manitoba is pretty much a similar distance between NY & Van?   You'd think there would be better fits with Jets, Hawks, Wild, Blues possibly?

Not saying I wouldn't want him but how does a trade to Vancouver get him closer to his family in Manitoba.

My gut tells me NYI/Jets will work something out especially after reading about the Jets FA demands.  

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