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Don't look now, but Dale Weise has 10 goals (tied for second on the Canucks)

Goat James

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I'm not surprised by his success. We saw flashes of his scoring touch at certain points, but he never got the opportunity. Even if he was still here though I wouldn't think he'd be having nearly as much success here since Montreal gave him the ice time we never did and probably still wouldn't have. 

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4 hours ago, ajhockey said:

It's worth noting that maybe the change of teams allowed him more opportunity. It's entirely possible that if he had stayed here in Vancouver, he wouldn't have become the player he's become in Montreal.


No doubt about this. In Vancouver, he was only used as a 4th line guy expected to drop the gloves.

Montreal was giving him top line minutes for a while there, he is like Montreals version of Hansen!

Dutch Gretzky versus the Danish Lemieux!

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On 12/24/2015 at 2:31 PM, Shift-4 said:

Clearly more players need to develop their talent in the Netherlands

The Netherlands wouldn't help, considering it was Denmark where he went to play.

But he has some skill, the issue here was that he believed it was more than it actually was. He needed to blend that as we brought him in to fill a more physical role. If he'd played that physical game and just kept taking advantage of chances then he could have done well anywhere.

Well, that, and his weirdly creepy attitude as seen in the rumours about his attempts at dating.

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On 12/24/2015 at 0:26 PM, MovesLikeDatsyuk said:

Correction 6 games in total.

It's really a bit beside the point. While I'm in agreement that it was a lopsided trade in the Habs' favor, the fact is that at the time, the 'Nucks defense was decimated and needed a warm body. Torts didn't trust Weise, so he was considered expendable.

Obviously, once the regular defense started to heal, Diaz was going to sit, but as far as Torts and management were concerned, they had given up very little, if anything.

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On 12/24/2015 at 11:59 AM, RUPERTKBD said:

I don't really think that DW's success with the Habs comes as a big shock to most of CDC.

Torts didn't trust him in NYC and he didn't trust him in Vancity. As soon as he got a chance with a coach who didn't have a preconceived bias against him, he was able to show what he could really do.

Who knows what it was with Torts? Maybe Weise isn't a shot-blocker


^My take on it is....that Torts didn't like this 4th-line player's use of levity to ease tension on the bench or in their room. In a radio interview, Torts related how much he revelled in actual confrontation with his players,..he missed them 'coming back at him'. Weise made attempts to diffuse these moments. He & Luongo got chummy at the end of the bench over it. Hard-arses don't like the impact of their messages being minimized or upstaged,..by humour. That's where a little of his personal dislike of Weise stems from... possibly in NY before he was traded away from there... and then here in VAN. Plus Weise had some first-hand intel on the new coach from his days in NY and Torts certainly didn't want any of this knowledge influencing his new group.

Torts systematically de-valued Weise with crappy playing-time /or NO play-time at all. Weise could barely get into the rhythm of games...or develop his game-shape or proper instincts then. Torts  rode his top players like dogs instead. The Tortorella-treatment caused GM Gillis to under-value Weise's potential to grow here in Van. Tortorella had dog-housed him & clearly wanted him moved along. He wasn't given an honest opportunity to play for Tortorella because Torts knew that a mutual respect... was not there. Then this master manipulator/drama king (Torts) had NO scruples in core-busting the hell out his NTC or LTC players, next. His mistreatment of Luongo & Lu's hockey-fans through-out the league by sitting the best goalie in Canucks hockey history for a once-in-a-lifetime game honouring Canucks hockey history,..was key in revealing just how much of an egotistical despot Torts really was. He cared little about offering the regular supportiveness of a team-building coach or even the social graces to any of those players he deemed to be cast-offs. Torts is like...the anti-Pat Quinn.

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55 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

Something like "Was it over when the Jews sank the Titanic?!"....(Iceberg, Steinberg....whatever...)


I always thought that joke worked well with Swedish hockey players too  (Forsberg, Renberg, Zetterberg, Gradin............)  

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