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Are Strombo and Linden twins?


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Just now, ShakyWalton said:

Did you see him on After Hours...he looked like he was gonna choke his jacket was so tight...lol

I'm not down with skinny jeans on dudes however I do like the slim cut or stovepipe  cut suits like the old mod Brit suits back in the day.  


But it it's tough for bigger guys to pull that look off imo.  However trev has slimmed down a ton over the years.


i didn't watch after hours.  Big storm out here and something went haywire with my cable.

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4 minutes ago, viking mama said:

Better question: Doesn't Justin Trudeau look an awful lot like "Latka Gravas" (Andy Kaufman),.. with some uber-confidence & a GQ makeover?

I can see that...I think Trudeau wears tight suits...lol


if there is a mod around maybe this should have been posted in WN...not sure but I thought Linden would pertain to the Canucks and I thought it was lighthearted..granted ..not super funny but what the hell...move if you feel a need.

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Linden lookin sharp, hey he is technically a "young exec" in this business, so he can be forgiven for some style faults :P

Strombo has to dress that way, its to show his "provocative" journalistic style, and hey anything to get young people more interested in the game lol. I dont mind him because I only watch the intermissions for Elliot Friedman and Don Cherry. Strombo is just a host to moderate the conversation, he is not there for his hockey knowledge. 

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