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[Report] Brad Marchand suspended 3 games

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19 hours ago, poetica said:

Exactly! The Winter Classic is just a game more for the NHL to sell more merchandise than anything else. No argument whatsoever for making it weighted more than any other regular season game in terms of punishment. Complete BS!

And you're absolutely right about the RO status. Of important note, however, is that Marchand does currently have repeat offender status according to the CBA, so his suspension should have been longer than other non-injury (because apparently that matters) suspensions for non-RO like Burrows.

What really makes my blood boil about Marchand is his constant stream of whiny excuses. Mistakes happen but they're usually pretty clear and don't keep happening to the same person over and over again. Marchand claims its a mistake/accident every time he gets called out for a dirty hit. He never takes responsibility. Even when he pretends to it's really just another excuse:

"I just want to acknowledge the situation that I've put my team in for being undisciplined and affecting the game for them," said Marchand.

"I truly am sorry to everyone about this situation and it was not my intent to make a hit or try and injure anyone on that play."

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/brad-marchand-apologizes-suspension-1.3385910

I might hate the jersey he wears but my dislike of him goes far deeper. He may be skilled, but I simply have no respect as a player.


Re: Marchand's comments, so his teammates are the real victims of the hit, not the guy he, you know, actually hit.


Agree with those saying that if he got 5 games for the hit on Salo, he should have got more for this hit.  Salo did get injured, but then again this hit is worse IMO because Borowiecki was completely unsuspecting and nowhere near the puck. If I were an Ottawa fan I'd be pissed, though I suppose his first game back being against them is a consolation prize.

The DOPS needs to start giving him the Raffi Torres treatment I think.

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