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Miller or Markstrom?


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Hey everyone I am just wondering about everyone's opinion about our goaltending this season and who everyone likes more or feels has been the better goalie.  Stats wise Markstrom has better stats and actually seems to get more shots per game than Ryan Miller does against him  However those stats aren;t always the deciding factor considering he has played less games and when you play less games its obviously a little easier to have better stats.

None the less based on play, how the team plays in front of each goalie and who all around looks more composed in net , who would everyone say is the better goalie and who would you roll with going forward, from this point on?

In my opinion our D has been bad this season and has made it hard for both goaltenders unfortunately.   But from what I've seen so far this season Ryan Miller has played good, not great and has his games where he plays really well giving us a chance to compete.  However I find with him no matter how well he plays he at some point seems to let one in at an important part of the game that I would deem a soft goal or one you should have sometimes costing us a game.   When that happens I feel no matter how well you played the rest of the game, it almost means little at that point, because you need that key save at the right time.   

Now watching Markstrom (in my opinion), he looks more composed, seems better at controlling rebounds and just positioning in general.  The team seems to allow more chances against him, which to me makes it seem like they have more faith in his play than Millers.   Compared to Miller again it seems like he rarely allows a bad goal at a bad time in the game.  I believe Markstrom is the better goalie and with Miller out for a bit  with an injury I hope Markstrom can prove and be consistent.

My last question is, do you guys think that Markstrom is ready for full time play or can handle the pressure that comes with that, especially playing in Vancouver?.  And if that is the case should Bennig explore options to trade Miller maybe get a young player or some picks to free up cap space and roll with Markstrom here on out.  Or should we wait till off season keep Milller for the meantime and let Markstrom get his full opportunity next season instead.  I'm up in the air about trading Miller now, but all in all I think that Markstrom is the guy for the near future and Miller should not be our guy for much longer.  

I think Miller's best years are far behind him and he is no longer the great goalie he was in Buffalo and I really don't feel that he's going to be very useful to us anymore going forward.   

What do you guys all think? 

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