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[PGT] Caducks 1, Canucks 2


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1 minute ago, AlphaHoneyBadger said:

I want Vey to fail and Markstrom to excel. 

I wish we had more depth in our team because Vey is atrocious, unfortunately I believe that Benning's hands are tied when it comes to a situation like this, no one else to call up. HE IS SO BAD! Wille D loves him for some reason though

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Just now, AlphaHoneyBadger said:

It doesn't take balls to dislike Willie. Vey shouldn't be in the shootout. It's favoritism by an average coach. 

I agree. But I like Vey alot more than Higgins. Willies favoritism is a fault of Willie not Vey.

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4 minutes ago, soshified said:

Lol at all the complaining and whining before the win.

The complaining and whining continues even though we won.  I guess it wasn't a Picasso win.  I'm pretty sure there would be people on CDC that would complain if we won all 82 games in the season.  Ah well, players are trying, I'll trust the coaches and management to know more than I do about what players to play and I'll continue to cheer hard for the team.  Listened to WD speak after the game, in spite of what some on here seem to think, he does in fact have reasons for the decisions that the coaching staff make about the lineup.

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