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[PGT] Caducks 1, Canucks 2


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3 minutes ago, skategal said:

The complaining and whining continues even though we won.  I guess it wasn't a Picasso win.  I'm pretty sure there would be people on CDC that would complain if we won all 82 games in the season.  Ah well, players are trying, I'll trust the coaches and management to know more than I do about what players to play and I'll continue to cheer hard for the team.  Listened to WD speak after the game, in spite of what some on here seem to think, he does in fact have reasons for the decisions that the coaching staff make about the lineup.

Yup. Pedan was playing sheltered minutes but who cares about that, he threw 3 hits. By sitting Pedan, Desjardin could keep the d-pairings the same for the entire game. Having Tanev back adds stability to our defence but having to play extra minutes to shelter one player puts added pressure on the other d-men. Weber hatred blinds people to that though.

.McCann has been looking run down lately. Playing a more rigorous schedule against bigger tougher men seems to be taking a toll on him. Resting him isn't the worst thing at this point. Vey didn't even play a bad game yet some still whine about him. That's CDC  for you.

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17 minutes ago, AlphaHoneyBadger said:

It doesn't take balls to dislike Willie. Vey shouldn't be in the shootout. It's favoritism by an average coach. 

I guess you missed the last shoot out we had.


News Flash.........Vey won it for us.

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Just now, PhillipBlunt said:

No surprise there

Seriously right? Act like a douche because you jumped ship when you knew there were hard times coming, pouted like a baby, and requested to be traded to ONE team - and you expect the fans to give a standing-O when you come back to play???

I wasn't too sad to see Bieksa leave but my respect level for him went even higher after tonight.

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1 minute ago, Nuckster1970 said:

My take on the game...

Gritty, gutsy effort to come back and win.

Gotta ride Markstrom, even after Miller is back.

Prust is the new Sbisa (pizza). How many turnovers while we had possession in the O zone?

Vey and Higgins gotta go.

'm not getting into the Sbisa argument, I like him so far but as for Prust, ya he made a lot of bad no look passes for giveaways. Those plays always wear on the defense because it catches them flatfooted so they have to skate extra hard to get back.

The worst part is that in all the giveaways, I only saw Prust make even a half hearted effort to get back once.

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2 minutes ago, hatedkid666 said:

i mean we were booing him

True but we also know why we were booing.

Nobody was booing Bieksa and the response he got reflects how much he is loved by the fan base here even though he is no longer a Canuck. He didn't pout and request for a trade - he had indeed said that he'd go down with the ship. That's someone who I'd respect no matter what jersey he puts on.

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Glad we got the win but we definately stole that game. Stupid penalty on Weber as he decides to pull down sniper Bieksa BEHIND the Canucks net. Weber also constantly wasted nice passes to him by shooting wide or deciding to fake the shot and then giving it away. Higgins and Vrbata were invisible all night.

What sucks is WD will now keep the lineup the same for the next game.

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