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Daniel only Canuck on Allstar team


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3 hours ago, TOMapleLaughs said:

The NHL letting the fans do it is the real mockery of the event, but it's been heading down this path for awhile, due to desperation.  Just reeks of world wrestling shenanigans and really, it's pretty symbolic of where the league is at these days.

And then at the last minute, Supreme Emperor Vince McBettmen calls it a Royal Rumble/ Hell in a Cell match featuring Dank, Scott, Johney Hockey and Dubnik against ALL the other wrestlers   erm players, with Shawn Micheals as special guest referee.

I saw the preview last Monday

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21 minutes ago, chickenman92 said:

What are your trios?




If they want too win, they're best off playing with 2 dmen - one forward and benching Scott. 

They should have allowed each team another dman so it would be bit more competitive and less exhausting.

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5 hours ago, NUCKER67 said:

I think Daniel should call in sick. The All-Star game is a joke. Used to be a time when the players took the All-Star game seriously, a lot of pride on the line. Nowadays, players like Scott are being named team captain. He really has no business even being there, unless he buys a ticket like everyone else in the stands. This game is basically a social event for the players and similar to wrestling. The kids buy it, but we all know they aren't really trying.

Maybe Henrik could go and suit up as Daniel. Dank gets to baby the dental damage instead of playing. Hank gets to troll the league.

Win\win, I'd say.

Also, Crosby is left off for poor performance but Perry gets on? Ok, man.

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21 hours ago, mll said:

PACIFIC - Sutter
LA: Doughty, Quick
San Jose: Pavelski, Burns
Calgary: Gaudreau, Giordano
Anaheim: Perry, Gibson
Arizona: Scott (C)
Vancouver: Daniel Sedin
Edmonton: Hall

Nashville: Josi, Weber, Rinne
Chicago: Kane (C), Toews
Dallas: Benn, Seguin
Avalanche: Duchene
Blues: Tarasenko
Wild: Dubnyk
Winnipeg: Byfuglien

Washington: Ovechkin (C), Backstrom, Holtby
Islanders: Tavares
Philadelphia: Giroux
Pittsburgh: Malkin, Letang
Columbus: Saad
Carolina: Faulk
Rangers: McDonagh
New Jersey: Schneider

ATLANTIC - Gallant
Florida: Jagr (C), Luongo, Ekblad
Tampa Bay: Bishop, Stamkos
Boston: Bergeron
Buffalo: O'Reilly
Detroit: Larkin
Toronto: Komarov
Ottawa: Karlsson
Montreal: Subban

Is it Komarov?  I thought I read somewhere that Van Riemsdyk has the Leafs spot...

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