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Not sure if there's a topic for "Drafting" as a year long, regular thing.  But perhaps it's needed -- and not out of place with amateur sports experts like ourselves..  Watching world Juniors this 2015-16 it is clear there are a lot of players to watch -- and hundreds more who didn't have a chance to play in the Worlds.  More important, it's time to talk/suggest what we want for players in today's NHL.  For our team in particular of course.  Laine of Finland looked more impressive than anyone... but is it just flash?  What about those gritty Russians who made the game so close, how do you assess them?  How do we assess them at 17 at the local level?


I propose an ongoing DRAFT/young players forum of some kind.  Anything we know about players where we happen to live is is handy.  I live in Victoria, the Royals have 18 players or more, the Island has hundreds of players.  Is there some way to organize this?  Not to be competitive or nasty or pro/anti Canucks, but just about young talent and who we could consider as potential Canucks?   It seems like something we could do productively as fans, who live in a hotbed of hockey.




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Was just typing and you beat me to it.

OP, you should check out the AHL, International and Junior Hockey sub-forum. Lots of threads in there discussing draft eligible prospects and related topics (like the WJC, college free agents, etc.).

There's also the  2016 NHL Entry Draft  thread in this sub-forum which has over 60 pages of draft goodness more specific to the Canucks. There's also draft ranking threads and all that in both sub-forums as well.

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