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8 hours ago, Matt_T83 said:

I have.  Some of them are quite impressive, like Ed Belfour, Adam Oates, Dino Cicarelli, and Peter Statsny.  I'm not saying Tanev will eclipse them.  But players like Borje Salming shouldn't really count because NHL teams didnt' draft nearly as many European players back then, if any at all.  

And take Dan Boyle for example: He had a career high of 20 goals and 43 points in 06-07.  That's not exactly remarkable.  I can list plenty of NHL defenseman with better scoring stats that weren't as good as good as Boyle.  Dan Boyle was exactly what Chris Tanev is:  A good defender that made very few mistakes, and was a leader by example.

I can honestly see Tanev having a long, steady NHL career punctuated by good +/- ratings and excellent fancy stats, and one that could easily equal Dan Boyle.

20 goals as a defenseman isn't remarkable? Ok. Just a heads up, the only two defensemen to score more than 20 goals last year were OEL and Erik Karlsson.

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6 hours ago, McCannon said:

SOOO...you're think a player has to make the hall of fame to have had immense value to an organization?

Wowzers....did you just start learning about the sport bud? Nice selfie by the way!!



Yes for a player to be a "legendary", it has to be a HOF type player or a player that is a true club legend like Linden. You don't get "legendary" status by scoring one goal. Burrows' career achievements primarily consist of piggybacking on the success of two true legends. The fact that people actually think he belongs in the company of players like the Sedins, Naslund or Bure, Linden or Smyl is laughable. Burrows is as much a legend as Brendan Morrison.

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8 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

28, 35, 26, 28... those are not poor years.

180 goals, 354 points, maybe you need to check and compare Burr's totals with some others around the league.

Burrows has been a consistent excellent player for the Canucks.  PERIOD.  Whatever line he is playing on.

And yeah, he is not having a good year this season... who wouldn't what with the non stop assault on him in the media and the deliberate bias by the refs.

As I have said in the past, the number of bonafide psychos around this league who get free-passes from the mob for their deliberate attempts to injure players... just listen to CBC fall all over themselves to suck up to Keith... and meanwhile we get a crescendo of  whining about some guy who just happens to runs his mouth...  Bullsh*t.  Why aren't the refs on about Keith... or Dustin Brown, or any number of other scumbags.

Like I said, Burrows was a bona-fide top six during those years he was producing those numbers.  The rest of his career, he's been a third liner.  He had a nice bounce-back year last season, but since 2012-2013, he's been barely a third liner, making some nice back pay for what he did from 2008-2012. 

Burrows' has been past his best before date since 2012.  Hindsight is 20/20...Gillis should have dumped him after the Kings disposed of the Canucks in 2012.  His only value to the Canucks today is that he's 35 years old and he appears to be one of the guys the kids go to for encouragement and support. 

It's father time, not the media assault that has caused Burrows from falling off the cliff again.  Nice job insulting the guy if you actually think Burrows is so weak that some negative media coverage would affect his play.

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This thread got off to a bad start when it was derailed by someone who clearly had an agenda to do nothing more than incite a reaction.  Right out of the blue.

While you don't have to be behind all the players, there isn't an open invitation to randomly slag them because there's an opening with their name being brought up.  And then proceed with ongoing comments that include "moron" and "idiot".  A complete derailment took place...that wasn't ok.  So we'll try again here....


(I am leaving a couple of the quotes in a display of how not to do it, so we can set the bar a bit higher in how we present our opinions)

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Fans we need to realize were going to have to go after at least a reliable  5-7 mill guy that is good at scoring goals not learned from Sedin twins. Question - did the new fellow  not play for the Tampa bay game i only watched 5 mins of it when the game was 1-1 ??

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33 minutes ago, bigbadcanucks said:

It's father time, not the media assault that has caused Burrows from falling off the cliff again.  Nice job insulting the guy if you actually think Burrows is so weak that some negative media coverage would affect his play.

It's a bit of both in my opinion.

Confidence can be affected when you're constantly under a negative glare and it can result in overthinking things.  Father time for sure  is part of that...I don't deny that.  But I don't know that all this other stuff isn't taking a toll and if he could just play "his" game away from it all, it would change things a bit.  It's been a steady stream and I don't know that others aren't exploiting his reputation and there isn't some exaggeration in place.  Hockey trash talk is just that...but suddenly one guy's is unacceptable?  I'm sure most of it is.


I think he's had to change his game a bit and will find his groove...if not to the degree of the past, to get rolling with some momentum.

I also know that players hit peaks and valleys but they don't always remain constant.  I expect him to chip in with some scoring when he does find his touch again. 

Look at Bo?  When the goals AREN'T coming, it can snowball.  But it can change direction with a little bit of momentum on your side.

Burr is winding down in his role but that's ok..he still does a great job out there doing what he does.  And who else is going to plant themselves in the crease and take hacks and whacks so others do get a chance to score?  It's a selfless thing.


I've always been a huge fan of Tanev...from day one.  Hey, anyone endorsed by Stevie Y is alright by me.  I think his cool demeanor offsets some of the other, more fiery players and can be calming.  Sure, he isn't flash and dash, but he's a no panic guy who solidly plays his role.

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