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Why the Fight Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Isn't About Religion


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When Saudi Arabia unexpectedly executed the prominent political dissident and Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr a week ago, the Sunni Kingdom may not have known how Iran's Shia-dominated government would respond — but it certainly knew that Iran would.

The subsequent storming of the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the Saudis' severing of diplomatic relations with Iran may appear to have their roots in religion, but the reasons why the Saudis chose to escalate tensions via the execution in the first place actually have little to do with a Sunni/Shia divide. Instead, regional and domestic politics are the driving force behind this dangerous fight.

Riyadh sees the US nuclear deal with Iran — and more specifically, Tehran's reintegration into global political and economic structures — as a threat to its own regional power. Iran's economy is set to improve in a post-sanctions environment, and Tehran's relations with Washington have gradually thawed. Saudi Arabia fears this rebalancing because it can no longer count on and benefit from American efforts to contain Iran politically, economically, and militarily. Riyadh is not being abandoned in favor of Tehran, but it will have to take a more active role in any effort to counter Iranian power.

Iran's slow but steady regional rise is also coming at a time when Saudi power is on the decline, as evidenced by its military failures in Yemen. In November, Washington approved a $1.29 billion arms deal with Riyadh — adding to the tens of billions of dollars that Saudi Arabia has spent on American arms in recent years — and the Saudis instituted a $5.3 billion increase in military spending earmarked for its war in Yemen this past year. Nevertheless, they have been unable to defeat forces who possess much less money and far fewer weapons.

Saudi government revenue has dropped amid the plunge in oil prices, and the country's economy is almost entirely dependent on oil revenues. This year, an approximately $100 billion budget deficit has forced Riyadh to adopt austerity measures that include price increases on gas, electricity, water, and industrial energy; the introduction of a sales tax; and delayed government payments. Over time, such changes could strain the social contract between Saudi citizens and the ruling al-Saud family...The ramifications of a continuing deterioration of Iran-Saudi relations cannot be overstated. Neither one can impose their will upon the other, so they face the same dilemma: If they don't accept each other's power, they cannot guarantee their own security. Unless some degree of dialogue and accommodation is reached, regional insecurity will continue to be a pox on both houses. And until cooler heads prevail in Riyadh and Tehran, conflict in the broader Middle East will likely get worse before it gets better.



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Nice. Another source telling us that the religion of peace is not the issue but economic issues. 

So person fighting for respect and rights for their type of muslim gets executed by the other muslim type because.... Oil. 

Gotcha. Stay left world. Its like watching nascar, so damn predictable, turning left and anyone with intelegence knows where its going to end up. 

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2 minutes ago, chilliwiggins said:

the power shift is obvious as Iran hasn't been involved directly with any of the wars generated by the euro and American powers that be.  

iran is also geographically located in a place of power centralized to the middle east as well as connected  to eastern Europe as well its geography helps in its defence.       

after the war in Iraq there was only 5 countrys in the world where the imf banking systems didn't exist.   and looking at where the latest wars were where the governments were overturned gives you a heads up which some of those countrys were.

these are financial wars.    example.  why was Libya over thrown?      ghadafi in Libya was sitting ontop of Africas largest underground aquafir, as well as oil, but what really threatened the worlds powers was that he was creating with all the other African nations a dollar backed in gold, to be the only true currency in the world to actually have a real value to it in its own right, much like the American dollar used to be.   it was going to compete against the euro and the us dollar named the AFRO. lol seriously.    that was a huge threat that could destabalize banking of the world..  so they overthrew Libya.   to this point they have got there banking systems in almost all nations now, only a couple left as you can guess.  

couple other interesting things when Libya went down, was the worlds financial climate was in a major recession.    but before they attacked libya, india was in the market for 200 fighter jets and other military equiptment , so every country in the world who built the latest best fighter jet as well as other military equiptment needed a place to show there wheres in order to get that india contract.   the swedes turks American Russians etc all had jets to sell  and it was actually advertised by military industrial complex, that there was going to be what amounted to a fall fair in the middle east somewhere to showcase  all of their newest latest military stuff. and it wasn't a secret as you could look on web sites that built the stuff and see for yourself.    like Raytheon for example whose stocks rose like mad before anyone stepped foot in Libya, same with other big boys of the world military developers.

anyways back to iran,  they have advanced in many areas of sciences that are well ahead of others in the world.  the phyicists in iran are leading edge and have claimed they have created some very important things which can destabalize old technology giants, one of them is the splitting of an atom to create a nuclear energy that doesn't have the destructive powers of current nuclear energy, as well doesn't carry any of the problems from the waste.   its a stable energy that has no down side.  

remember when the Iranians showed a couple of American drones that they said were in Iranian airspace, that they intercepted and landed them on their airstrips, which they bragged about and filmed for the world to see.      some of their claims of how they did this were absolutely insane if true, and it stoked fears into powers of the world.  whether true or not remains to be seen but there was some negotiations with America over this and all of the sudden embargoes were lifted as it was thought they were going to share technology for the trade off.     you cant discount anything said anymore especially when things are shown in advance and they say what the results will be in the future from it , then they happen just as they said it would.   

even in food production they are advanced beyond us.  

I work in the field of fish husbandry , breeding and raising fish  from egg , anyways Canada is the first in the Americas to breed sturgeon as VI University is the first , well at this point we just breed to maturity then dispatch the females for their roe and meat to sell.    The Iranians have been doing this for years and years but they don't dispatch the females they give them cesarians to extract the roe and they don't die , they survive and respawn again.    we are years away from  anything like this.   anyways enough rambling.     many reasons for middle east tensions.      lots of other money schemes that are and were being done over their especially since the corrupt banking systems needed cash and its easy to find where they are getting it.


Remember when Iran shot down a drone and USA demanded it back?? Classic.

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Just now, chilliwiggins said:

they claimed it wasn't brought down by intercepting and controlling the computer system, they claimed their phyicists invented a tractor beam much like star wars.   maybe laughable but maybe not because there is a continueing story  and the claimed inventor was held in a Canadian airport and all his papers were taken then he was sent on his way.   maybe true maybe not  but it seems to have something to it.

Cool. Never heard about that. If thats real thats truly nutty! and very cool at the same time. 

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11 hours ago, chilliwiggins said:

ya they got their fingers in everything, I mean everything.   Funny fact did you know whose behind the salvation army stores???  ya , david himself, that red shield is the rothschilds family shield.   ever notice how many conservatorys and wildlife refuges kinda popped up in BC in the last 20 years?  look on an old map then look at a new one. well even better look world wide to get a better picture.   Whats behind this besides baby bear cubs?   they are in some of the most mineralized locations , but more importantly they will align with the new worlds mandates on global warming as they just signed on to the new climate action bible in paris recently, and what does this have to do with anything?????     CARBON TAX, and CARBON CREDITS.   so these places will be sources of carbon credits which they will trade with carbon negative corporations with stocks , or more basically , fractional ownerships in the negative carbon companys instead of the companys having to buck up with paying carbon tax for their pollution or carbon dioxide creation.   whose behind the conservatorys of the world.   lol    David and company.  the bankers.   whats their new bank called, well not new but recent.    world conservation bank I think, something like that anyhow.

David Rothschild arrogantly admitted to starting the womens movement in the 60s ,womens liberation.

Why??    he laughs and said to double the tax base and to divide familys as together they had strength but divided they could be over powered.      OK way off topic , im done lol sorry

Nice to know someone is capable of critical thinking and knows some truth!

Don't forget their last name in German means "red shield"...

They have their hand In everything and I am pretty sure Mr. Burns from the Simpsons is like a parody biopic about Jacob Rothschild... 

Long story short the world is messed up, but the truth is out their if one were to take the time and listen... 

Simple life is the best life as they're to powerful to do anything to change. 

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