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[Report] Canucks Attempting To Move F Christopher Higgins


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1 minute ago, on the cycle said:

The islanders have $4.5 million in cap space. If we trade Higgins and Hamhuis we'd have to take back at least 2.5 million or retain salary for both guys (which is more likely).  We could take a Hamonic($3.85), De Haan($2.2), or Hickey($1.96). 

if we managed to get harmonic for Higgins and hamhuis I would have a wet dream. I don't think it will happen though

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1 minute ago, Teemu Selänne said:

yeah, but that's been going on for ages, why suddenly start a pre-trade press release with Chris Higgins? Are they that desperate? 

More like a pre-scratch press release.

But wait til they suffer more injuries and Higgy will have to play again. LOL!

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3 minutes ago, HC20.0 said:

I know. If Benning is moving Higgy though, Burr wont be far behind. It'll be a sad day if it happens. 

I think the fact that Burr is more of a leader on this team has kept him here. His cap hit also would be hard to move but yeah it would be just as sad as losing Bieksa.

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10 minutes ago, Teemu Selänne said:

Burr and Higgins aren't the same type of situation. Very little correlation between Higgy and Burr getting moved. 

Could be a simple choice. I expect Benning wants at least one vet per line next year. That doesn't protect Burrows from a deal but it might. Twins, Hanson, Dorsett and Burrows are the forward vets I see staying unless there are great offers. That means Vrbata, Prust and Cracknell will be gone.

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I would not expect there to be a market for Higgins, not at this time of year.

Higgins is a veteran bottom six guy, he has a lot of value as a bottom six upgrade but teams looking for his skill set only shop the last few days before the deadline. Trading now is only for top players and young players, Higgins is neither.

They might be looking to move him sooner as a cap dump to open up more trade leeway come the deadline (say trying to move a guy like Vrbata and wanting lots of room to bring cap back the other way to maximize the young assets we get in return).

They might feel that they have young guys who are ready for a bottom six role and need the room in their bottom six now (though I don't see why they don't just wait a month for the deadline). With the Etem pickup, someone will have to go once we are healthy, maybe Sutter and Hansen aren't expected out for long.

Maybe they are just throwing the fans/media a bone by announcing this, as it doesn't affect his value much.

Higgins is still a very solid bottom six guy, but is not (and has never been) the top six guy we need. We have to make room in the bottom six and already having Hansen, Prust, Dorsett as vets at his pay level makes it tough for him to keep his spot. He is not getting paid the moon, and contenders will look to add him at the deadline, but right now (completely different market) his cap hit is too high to be enticing.

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35 minutes ago, b3. said:

Wow! According to Elliote Freidman, he won't even be or play with the team until this resolved! 


Not a surprise.  The management has said publicly they don't want/need him any more.  No wonder he would choose to be away form the team. On the other side, Canucks can't risk him getting injured.

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18 minutes ago, R3aL said:

Is the purpose of this announcement to let the league know quick he's available or to let us know?Don't understand the decision to announce before.


anyways, Higgins.. Any takers?

I think the reason for the press release is because of chris....it was probably his decision not to play after being told he was going to be traded....canucks had to explain his absence.... sad.

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