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28 minutes ago, chilliwiggins said:

Area 51 is the other , and what it is , is one of 2 places in North America that you would be protected from Nuclear fallout as the rain shadow in these 2 areas produces a shield , so to speak.   

The private hydro electric dam on cayoosh creek was built by the famous recluse VERNON PICK , and he was the man to mine URANIUM for the US GOV to produce the ATOMIC BOMB and in his paranioa he built the dam , as well as a series of vast underground bunkers on Cayoosh Creek near Lillowet  which incidently supplys SURREY with power.   In those bunkers Vernon Pick back in the 60s was also building microchips and photocopier drums of all things.   Now if you have ever seen it you would automatically think they were building something other then what is claimed.  3ft thick walls bullet proof glass in the attached house.

I snuck in there last summer, theres something very strange going on down there. lol

Why do I know this?  I was prospecting last summer in the middle of know where when a cop appeared out of the bush in a 4000 ft canyon asking me to get lost, but im not an easy one to scare away. lol  he just got me curious so i went back as he said he lived at the ,COMPOUND, were his terms.    he followed me for 2 hours as I stalled to not let him see my vehicle but eventually hiking out with him following 50 or so meters behind me , I couldnt accomplish this.    STRANGE PLACE, pretty cool pics from it.

Updated guard towers at the dam very strange

No its not on the exam its only if i mysteriously disapear that it matters. lol

We need pics!

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3 minutes ago, thejazz97 said:

How did you expand your vocabulary so much?

I read a lot and hang out in a few internet circles whose main interests comprise philosophy and literature and the histories of those fields. It helps that I'm too lazy to get a job and can do this for most of my day.

And when I come across a word I don't know, I try to take a minute to google it.

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35 minutes ago, Kazmanian Devil said:

What's your thing?




Great commercial.

I've never really had a thing, which is kind of sad in a way now that I think about it. I've never done any sporting, never practiced an instrument with any fervor, never had a hobby I've committed myself to for more than a few weeks... To a degree I think I make a point of not limiting myself to any specific 'thing'. Maybe I subconsciously feel I'm not ready for a thing? Who knows.

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6 hours ago, thejazz97 said:

What's your favourite historical event?

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

... not because I hate Japan or anything, but because following the event people started questioning at large how dangerous human excellence (in science, engineering..) can be when used as a tool in diplomacy.


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