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[GDT] Panthers @ Canucks


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2 minutes ago, Cromeslab said:

It's noon on game day and I don't see a GDT.Heres a temporary one.mods delete if a proper one is done.


Is Etem going to play?

Are Horvat and Bearcheese gonna keep the ball rolling?





Yep Etem is in!

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Bad news for the tankers..I think the Canucks are going to take this one...From reports of the Edmonton game last night,it was a snoozer..The Panthers used goalie Al Montoya (doesn't his name sound like a 60's crooner...?) last night,and are obviously taking Van a bit more seriously by starting Lou.

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Crazy if Markstrom could out-duel the guy he was traded for and beat his former team which is going on quite the tear!

That being said, feel like they're in for a tough one.  Lu's been on fire, as have Barkov, Jagr and Huberdeau.  Would be amazing if they could pull out a win somehow.  Feeling either 4-1 Panthers or 3-2 us if they sneak out a win.  

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