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Bettman urges new arena in Calgary


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Bettman urges new arena in Calgary

CALGARY - NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has told Calgary to get moving on a new arena for the Flames, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi says the city will not be hurried into a multi-million-dollar project.

Bettman told the city's business community at a chamber of commerce event Monday there should be more urgency to get the project underway, particularly from city council.

The 20,000-seat arena and 30,000-seat football stadium, part of the proposed CalgaryNEXT project, will cost an estimated $890 million.

"I'm having trouble understanding why there hasn't been further progress on CalgaryNEXT," Bettman said. "No matter what anyone thinks of the proposed CalgaryNEXT project or the cost of the project, the cost is never going to be lower than it is today.

"The longer it takes, the harder the task becomes. CalgaryNEXT needs to happen and as part of the broader project, the Flames need a new arena."

The Scotiabank Saddledome, built in 1983, will be the oldest NHL arena when Canada celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017, he said. Bettman played the Edmonton card by comparing the Saddledome to the Alberta capital's new Rogers Place.

"When Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of its confederation, the Battle of Alberta hockey will still be legendary, but the Battle of Alberta arenas won't be close and that's no joke," he said.

"The Oilers will have enjoyed their first full season at a transformational new arena."




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This is my least favourite thing about professional sports leagues (and that is saying a lot).  The arrogance about how the public should fund their private enterprises.  Build your own freaking arenas.

When it comes to giving out information or treating fans with respect during things like labour negotiations, suddenly it is a private business and we aren't entitled to anything or considered stakeholders.


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Loving Nenshi's response. It's no secret that the Flames need a new arena, but Bettman should keep his yap shut. It's not his place to tell a city what to do. This was nothing more then another veiled threat towards a Canadian team by the ratface commissioner. I remember how pissy Bettman was when the Jets returned. He made a veiled threat to move them as soon as they came to the city. This is nothing short of that as well. The man just loathes Canada. 

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