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What happens when Sutter comes back?


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Hey guys I'm really wondering what is going to happen when Sutter comes back in the lineup, especially now with Etem adding to the team.  It appears to that the Bennig brought Etem in to be stay in the line-up.  I can't give my opinion on that, but I did think he looked good tonight against Florida.

I guess what I'm wondering is when Sutter and eventually Hansen comes back who is going to be sent down or out of the lineup and what are our lines going to be.  I personally don't want to see any young players go that are playing I like the way they are playing and how are team actually looks right now. 

Now if management keeps all our young guys in the lineup in Virtanen, Mccan, Baertschi, Horvat, Etem than our line up would be something like this

Sedins Hansen

Baertschi Horvat Vrbata


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1 hour ago, RRypien37 said:

Vey on waivers/sent back to Utica. 

Vrbata traded to a contender

(In a perfect world)

He's right at that threshold - having played 9 games and been up just under a month - where they can re-assign him to Utica without him having to clear waivers (10 games or a month and he has to clear again).

It's unfortunate that Sutter is a question mark for another week or two, because it would be opportune to be able to send him back at this point without having to clear.  I'd probably lean that way and look at bringing up another guy from Utica for a stint and some incentive (despite the 'Vey/Etem' thing).

Vey's been playing decent hockey though- and has pretty solid underlying numbers.


Strong possession numbers, good quality of competition, and +10.5% ozone finishes...

But still, I think I'd take advantage of the fact they can assign him now without risk and have him available should they decide to move another guy or run into more injuries.  If they wait for Sutter and Hansen to return, he likely winds up in limbo as the odd man out on edge of the roster, when they could take advantage of one of the other guy's waiver ineligibility - and I personally like Cracknell's game as much or more than Vey's in the meantime...


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1 hour ago, Bob.Loblaw said:

Dude, let's be honest here.  You REALLY don't think Willie Desjardins, WILLIE DESJARDINS isn't going to find a way and put Linden Vey somewhere in that lineup?

The GM decides who is on the active roster, not the coach.

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Virtanen, Etem, McCann, Sutter, Baertschi, Bo.

That's wave after wave of fresh legs that offer combinations of speed and size, wicked dangles & serious snipes among. Also bringing some edge. All somewhat unheralded player who are still a match up problem for most teams they play against!

Many would scoff at this suggestion; but reminds me a little of the forward group  which Edmonton went to the finals with in 2006? Hemsky, Stoll, Torres, Pisani, Dvorak, Horcoff...  That team also had unheralded talent, plenty O' speed & size and they got after it!



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Burrows, Vey, Vrbata, Weber gone.

Shinkaruk, Etem, Sutter, Pedan, Kenins in


Sedin - Sedin - Hansen

Baertschi - Horvat - Kenins

Virtanen - McCann - Etem

Shinkaruk - Sutter - Dorsett/Crack/Prust etc

Edler - Tanev

Hutton - Pedan/Biega

Bartkowski - Biega/Pedan




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