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7 minutes ago, Dancin'Droid said:

Could you give some insight on this?


The NHL issued an "Overtime" challenge.  The goal was to win 3 straight games in OT for double xp.  This photo took place in the 3rd game so I was simply relaying instructions to my team to make sure we got the game safely in to OT where we could win it.

We didn't.

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1 minute ago, Tig'ol Bitties said:

I must've missed the announcement for the NHL double XP weekend. Could you tell me where that was? Or was it a coaches only announcement.

All-Star Game in Raleigh, North Carolina - 2011.

Called that place home until yesterday.

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3 hours ago, milk and honey said:

Favorite type of gum? 

Do you even lift bro? 

Is it true Burrows farted on your mac and cheese as a prank with a fart machine? (No joke a friend told me this and I have no Idea if true or not)

Who did you share your hotel rooms with? 



Not true. 0/10 source you have for a "friend"

Rick "BabyBack" Bowness.

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6 hours ago, milk and honey said:

Obvious question is what did you do with babyback :lol:


Did you ever call rome, or alberts into your hotel room?

We played poker and that's it.  This obviously insinuates that Lu was with us too.

Yeah, to tell them to have a good night's sleep because they would be playing the next day.

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