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[3 Way Trade] Tinordi to Cyotes, Scott & Bartley to Canadiens, Elliott to Preds


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3 minutes ago, HKSR said:

Uhh,, why not Prust in a deal for Tinordi??  We surely could have been in on this... oh ... wait, Montreal is getting an all star.

Hey Montreal, u do realize he's not a REAL All Star right?

Willie D thinks weber and bey are all stars, we package them together and we will get a sweet return

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3 minutes ago, DoughtysCheck said:

Stefan Elliot and John Scott for Tinordi.... so essentially, the Canadiens could have claimed Elliot for free but chose not to. So Scott for Tinordi? 

Stefan Elliot clearing waivers means MTL  can send him up and down freely. If they had claimed him, they wouldn't have that benefit.


Seems he won't be there long though.

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1 minute ago, timberz21 said:

Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 41s42 seconds ago

Pending trade call, NSH sending Victor Bartley to MTL for Stefan Elliott. But not a done deal yet.

That seems odd. I always thought Bartley was a decent player. 

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