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Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)


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On 1/15/2016 at 11:22 AM, Luongo4life14 said:


Markstrom's stock just keeps rising don't you think? I mean Miller just doesn't play like a $6 million goalie:

I do some writing for The Hockey Writers and recently published this article. Would love the CDC reaction to my thoughts. All opinions expressed in the article are of my own and not indicative of THW as a whole. 

Some preface.... I am not a Miller fan, never have been. I can't understand what the management or fan base sees in him.





Sounds like sour grapes from a person calling themselves Luongo4life14 lol

Bias at is fullest.


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Miller is a decent goalie. Yes, he's still number 1 because Markstrom isn't anything other than a backup right now. Heck, at the beginning of the season no one was even sure if he could do anything in the NHL. He'd failed to do so before. He's put a few good games together but that doesn't make you a starter. It's just like a previous poster that said make Horvat an Assistant now. How about just let players develop, grow and actually learn the game at this level?

The more Markstrom plays the better as he gets more experience and Miller gets more rest. A rested goalie is a good goalie and Miller is showing his age. It can also mean Miller's value goes up and someone may trade or want him and if Benning can get something then do it.

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It was easy to say schneider was statistically better than lou, lack than miller and now markstrom over miller. Its pretty different when you play a handful of games a year but psycologically being the starter is hard to measure. Schnieder was nursed along and it, in my opinion worked. Lou was worn down, but pretty damn solid. Now the latest goalie issue in Vancouver, yes markstrom looks great after letting in 75% of his first 4 shots. What was that? skill or nerves? Never forget the intangibles, maybe this time for markstrom, playing under miller, competing and gaining confidence is exactly what he needs to take the step to starter. In the meantime chill out with all the "done in the NHL" drama. lol. 

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