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The Hunger Games 2: Mountain Murder (Gally Wins!)


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This is a game I invented a while back. We had the Alpha run back in September work out good so I'm back for episode 2. Instead of being in a forest, this time we will be on a mountain. Mostly just for story telling's sake.

For those that are new, basically it's a survival-sim style game adapted to be playable on forums. Only needs about 10-15 minutes of dedication per day, and you will have a partner, so don't worry if you have to miss a night.

We'll have some new faces this time which is great, and for those people (or for a refresh), you can refer to the rules here: 



The goal of the game is to be the last one alive.



Teams will be chosen at random using random.org. Teams will consist of two players. When both players of one team die, that team is eliminated.

The First Day:


Days start at 6AM PST. I'd like everybody to have their actions in by 3PM. Teams will start the first day at the cornucopia. All teams will face the same 3 choices. Said choices have 3 to 4 possible outcomes. (that means with every action, you face up to 12 possible outcomes.) The first choice you will have to make is to grab weapons, supplies, or run. If you run, you are guaranteed survival. There is still a possibility of coming across weapons and supplies later on.

(outcomes determined with randomizer to avoid any conflict of interest)

The First Night:


Nights start at 6PM PST. I'd like everybody to have their actions in that night, if it's not possible that's fine. I can make adjustments. Teams will again face another, let's calll it "action phase". Each team shall receive yet another set of 3 choices: Sleep in shifts, ambush, or gather supplies. Sleeping in shifts avoids being killed by an ambush. If your team ambushes another team sleeping in shifts, one of your team members dies at random. If you are alone in your team, you cannot sleep in shifts without traps. Gathering supplies is self explanatory. You may find food, water or supplies. You may also gather supplies during the day. If your team fails to submit an action you will be placed asleep. This will leave you vulnerable.

NOTE: I work full time. So write-ups will come at odd times. This was the case last game and it's something that we just have to deal with. This may cause confusion at points so I appologize in advance.

Weapons, Alliances, Traps


Weapons are used to kill enemies

Alliances can be formed between two teams. Those teams cannot attack each other. You may only form 1 alliance per game. If you wish to break this alliance, so be it, but an armistice will remain in place for 24 hours. Alliances are broken when the members are last alive, or both parties agree to a severance.

Traps are dropped in care packages (you will learn more about those later). Traps enable players who are last alive in their team to sleep safely at night, effectively killing any player who ambushes them. BEWARE: Traps only kill one person. If 2 people attack you, you can still die. You cannot have 2 traps set at once.

Hunger, Thirst, and Sleep Levels


Hunger kills you after 4 night phases without food.

Thirst kills you after 3 night phases without water.

Exhaustion effects you after 3 night phases without sleep.

You can obtain food and water by scavenging.

Care Packages


Care Packages drop goodies for you and your friends!



Team 1: JohnLocke + Nail

Team 2: g_bassi13 + HashtagNucks

Team 3: BananaMash + Gally

Team 4: Dr.Strangelove + TimeLord

Team 5: Kazmanian Devil + JE14

Team 6: Tig'ol Bitties + thejazz97

Team 7: Spoderman + Where's Wellwood

Team 8: Mikeyboy44 + Aladeen

Team 9: Caboose + Go Faulk Yourself

If you have any questions, please ask so i can get every detail clarified.


PS. This game requires a mass amount of PMing. If I haven't gotten to your response, I will eventually.

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