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CDC Mafia: Motel Murder [Game Over]


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By signing up you are agreeing to be at least moderately active during the game. Minimum of a few posts of substance each round and a vote every other round to avoid being killed or replaced. 


Does this mean everyone who isn't me is getting the rope?

Based on what's been posted so far, I really think Bassi's our best option. He felt like he had to say something and responded to fwyb's post a little too seriously. Now he's in hiding, hoping it'll blow over.

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Similarly to # and JL, I am a Vanilla Townie whom received a guy who looks like a douche, who goes by the name Vanilla Ice.

I am busy right now, but when I get the chance(Within the next 24 hours) I will attempt to hunt down le mafia.
Good luck!

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8 hours ago, Intoewsables said:

I almost always have 112 as a slight scum read, but I actually like that she announced she received a PM right before Aladeen "started" the game.

I don't see how that would be a mark for or against her since our glorious Admiral General stated everyone would get a PM

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