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CDC Mafia: Motel Murder [Game Over]


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Sorry I've been sick last couple days, and I've been caught up in fantasy hockey... gbassi's alibi is fair.... Not enough to go on there.

Anyways the only real lean I see fwybwed with his weird JL vote, but in the past he's done this sort of thing just to end up being town. There wasn't a bandwagon already started.

Tough to really make a choice. Doughty seems to be the consensus though.

Vote Doughty

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2 minutes ago, Dr.Strangelove said:

I'll guess I'll play tie breaker again

Unvote Fwybwed Vote Doughty

He's ether mafia or else he's a trolling TP

clearly mafia lol. and how am i trolling TP? im making logical decisions. You first claimed I was Virtanen's dupe based on no evidence. Then I have not said anything suspicious and I am suspected of mafia? clearly you're the mafia... lol

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