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Rangers playing a non-contact team


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5 minutes ago, X-PatLostInEdm said:

Wow. Did I just take a hit there?

No.  We posted these simultaneously....

15 minutes ago, X-PatLostInEdm said:

Chicago threw 6 hits last night against Nash. Won their game 4-1. Just say'n.


11 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Well, the NHLer average is less than a hit per player a game, so.....just sayin'.


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1 hour ago, Wolverin1 said:

So that's what? Almost 1 hit per player per game. Wow! Amazing!  The deal with Eddler is turning over the puck for being afraid to get hit. So he had 1 hit in every period. Woohoo! 

You really shouldn't create threads when you have no statistics to support your head scratching claims. If you want to rant nonsense, do it in the PGT.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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