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Sutter returns , now what?


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I have now concluded in my mind this team will and is good enough to make the playoffs once Sutter and Sedin return to play.

Cracknell would be odd man out  and if they can send Zalewski down to utica it would leave MacCan posturing in an out of press box.

Prust ,Traded gone or waived 

Dorsset an Burrows seem to be here for duration this year? would seem at least one of them should an could be shopped around.

you make playoffs an Uttica out early this year you bring Gaunce,Shink an Pedan up for the big dance.?

our D is still major soft no real answers here yet?


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1 minute ago, Honky Cat said:

Looking at the line rushes in the practice facility in Pittsburgh...Sutter was on the 5th line,so it's doubtful he will be in tomorrow...I say,just wait till after the all star break...There's no reason to rush at all.

WillieD confirmed that he wouldn't be playing tomorrow but that he is close - might even be ready for Tuesday against the Predators.  He was asked about waiting until after the All Star break but he said if he's ready then he's ready - they won't push his return but they won't delay it if he's good to go.

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Seems like the sad reality is by accident or not WD/Management have hit on three lines that are meshing. Vey is looking as good as he has ever with Etem and Burrows. The Horvat line is making music and when Henrik gets back the first line will have an easier go of it with teams having to give respect to the 2nd and 3rd line. This is assuming that Henrik will be OK to go after the all star weekend. I haven't heard any confirmation of that and I suspect he's seeing specialists as we speak. With the recent success might it be an opportunity to trade what seems like a surplus forward for a half decent defenseman ? Right now maybe management is thinking Brandon who Sutter you say ??


However Vey will he look as good as he is right now  against teams like LA and Nashville who play a heavy game ??

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12 minutes ago, hammertime said:

Put me down for easing him back into the lineup.

Sedin Mcann Vrbata

Baer Bo Hansen

Burr Sutter Dorsett

Virtanen Vey Etem (I really want to see this combo) 

Played together against Florida.  WillieD must have not liked that combo because Virtanen was replaced by Burrows from then on.  In today's post-practice he talked about how Burrows' veteran presence was helping the Vey-Etem line.  He explained how the vets are just as important to player development.

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The Canucks just had one of their better games in a while v Boston.  Sure Sutter would love to play in Pitt (same as Prusty at MSG).   No pressure really based on team play.  Sutter will help a lot but why not give Zalewski  a harder look?

I don't think they're going full youth, but they're leaning that way because some of the  vets they have are clearly no  better.

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So what happens when both Hank and Sutter gets back?

Sedins - Hansen

Baer - Bo - Vrbata

Burr - Sutter - Virtanen

Etem - Vey - Dorsett


Prust - Crack/McCann - ?


We got too many players now... and if Etem needs Vey we don't have room for McCann anymore :-(


I'd rather we ship Prust, Vrbata and send Cracknell to Utica, keep Vey as 13th, and play like this:

Sedins - Hansen

Baer - Bo - Virtanen (I think he complements them better than Vrbata)

Etem - McCann - Dorsett

Burr - Sutter - Gaunce


The money left over from Prust/Vrbata (- Gaunce/Virtanen) can be spent on a good D-man in UFA.

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7 hours ago, tyhee said:

He was estimated at 4-6 weeks on December 2.  http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=790774

It's already been 7 weeks.  Is there any basis for thinking they're rushing him?

Poor word choice.


the team is playing well.  Will he be the sutter we need on Tuesday?  after the all star break - that's plenty of rest.  If he aggravates it again we are screwed and it wouldn't be the first time a Canuck came back after a serious injury only to relapse.


Just my opinion.

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Looks like Prust stays out and Sutter replaces McCann.  Today's practice lines from @VanCanucks:





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