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The Message Management is Sending to it's Players


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19 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

What I like about Benning is how open he is when interviewed..he will talk about anything team related and gives an open answer..not like Gillis who was aggravating to listen to with all his evasive answers....I like TL and JB for the most part..want to see what happens when we have some cap space...looks like we wont be drafting top 10 with our goalies playing lights out..like to see how JB subsidizes that.

I liked Gillis as a GM for the most part but your right, all his interviews were terrible except for his last.

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10 hours ago, JamesB said:

Good analysis. The Canucks will have more cap room over the next 3 years than we are used to. So maybe JB can add something significant to the team. But team-building through the UFA market is still tough. You can get good complementary players, but it is hard to get franchise-type players. I always hoped the Canucks would exploit the chance to get B.C. guys who wanted to come back, but the only significant UFA in that category I can think of is Hammer.

I agree, James.  Teams that try to use the UFA market to acquire elite type players usually get burned with expensive and long contracts that usually a have binding NT or MT.  I would rather see the Canucks in the position to pick off talent that other teams are forced to move, due to cap issues and waiver eligibility (Baer and Ehrhoff).

I am looking forward to see what the management choose to do with the extra $ in the coming years.  I hope they spend it wisely (by picking up a (youngish) player or two that will fill gaps on the team ie: Demers), but retaining cap for adding during the season (or even taking on a contender's garbage contract for a high pick).

I think the Elite players have to be drafted, picked up in a trade, or are those wonderful surprizes that are the late bloomers that develop after their junior career.

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8 hours ago, Dazzle said:

Your post is extremely bizarre. I have no idea what position you stand with management because the two paragraphs are contradictory.

Ha ha, ya the first part is a little cryptic.  I'm a little puzzled by Dr Crossbars comments because I think that the present regime has been consistent.  Also I think that I may be responding to other posts that I have read so I apologise to the good Dr for singling him out. I'm in agreement with the second part of Dr Crossbars post. 

Maybe he's talking about the Gillis regime which had been floating along until they had started what would become the rebuild when they set up the Comets and started drafting better with Gaunce in 2012 and Horvat in 2013.  But Gillis had other things that were very upsetting to the team such as hiring the wrong coach and the loss of both goalies.   Gillis had a plan but circumstances forced him to deviate from it and things became chaotic.

I think that the Linden/Benning regime has settled things down and has a good plan that they have stuck to.  I like the transparency although I think it has gotten them into hot water a couple of times.  I think they are honest and open and I want them to stick with their plan.  That is how goals for growth are going to be met. 

I think that Bennings plan has been unfolding more quickly than expected recently because the play of Bieksa and now Higgins and Prust deteriorated more quickly than he expected.  Defense needs to be addressed but overall I think things are progressing well.  Development programs are beginning to pay off.  Who saw Zalewski coming?


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