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Trades a plenty Deadline Day (Proposal)

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A couple Ideas that I could see working in Vancouver favor now and in to the future....

Firstly, Dorsett (2.65M) and Higgins (2.5M) to the Sabres for Marcus Foligno (1.875M). Vancouver would not need to retain any salary as Buffalo has over 20M in cap space. Basically they are trying to stay above the cap floor and not drown below it. It gives them grit and gives them a mentor for the younger players in there room for the next couple of years. Higgins gets to play close to home and the refresh of teams, especially one like buffalo, where there isn't much pressure to perform will do him well I figure. We gain Foligno who is a winger and a big boy. He can play physically and is good defensively and who knows maybe there is some offensive juice in him. He is only 24. Also an RFA at seasons end. We save 3.225M in cap space.


2nd....... Prust (2.5) and Kenins (600k) for Lars Eller (3.5M) We can send Prust off back to where he can be happy and be with his fiance. His time has come to an end in Van city and MTL gets back what they lost in the crappy deal that was for them with Kassian. We get a winger who again is young at 26 and has shown he has some offensive punch in his game. Maybe Hansen can take him under his wing and get him going. He has fallen out of favour in MTL and is used more on there 3rd and 4th lines. He has potential in my eyes. Kenins I do not see the canucks re signing him at seasons end. MTL may be able to make him the next Dale Weise :P ... We lose 400k in this trade. 


Another deal I would like to see, and im not sure which way to go on this but either Hamhuis or Edler to Philidelthia for Sam Morin, Travis Sanheim or Shayne Gostisbehere. Philly has a good group of young up and coming D. Id say you can get just Gostisbehere and a pick for Hamhuis. Or Sanheim and Morin for Hamhuis. But I don't think Hamhuis could fetch that type of return as his play has deteriorated. Edler may be able to but another idea to look at is Ship Edler to Tampa. It was on a sportsnet telecast one night they were talking about how Edler misses Bowness as a coach and I couldn't agree. Now I am not saying he can fetch you Drouin... But he could be in a package for him. That is what I would try first is to package Edler, 2017 1st for Drouin. If that doesnt work then go after a Kucherov or Anthony Deangelo or Adam Erne?


In short id TRY Hamhuis for Gostisbehere and a 2016 2nd OR Hamhuis for Sam Morin and Travis Sanheim


Edler and a 2017 1st for Drouin OR Edler for DeAngelo and Erne


Id also look at getting a return for Miller now rather then next year. Take a back up back in a trade. Markstrom has proven we can fly with him for now. Vrbata I have no idea... probably only get us a 2nd round pick




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I don't know why people aren't talking about trading Hansen.   His value is at an all time high and he is having a career year he isn't likely to repeat. 

He can slide up and down any roster and provide great veteran depth scoring. If we throw in a 2nd or 3rd we have something that teams want at a great cap hit. 

Between Big V and Hansen we could should be able to come away with a great D prospect and a 1rst round pick.  

With Sutter coming back we only need one top 6 depth replacement until Henrik is back, likely after the all star break. 

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14 hours ago, desiboynux4lifee******* said:

Philly won't want Edler, and Edler is a stubborn guy he will not waive his NTC. Hammer needs to be moved if he is not going to resign, let's see. So far I don't see Benning making any moves with Vrbata or Hammer, because they have NTCs.

Kesler and Bieksa.

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Why would Buffalo take on extra money even if they have cap space? Hextall isn't about to get fleeced on Gostisbehere, Morin, or Sanheim. Most you could get for Edler or Hamhuis is likely Sanheim and a pick. Trading Edler and a 1st for Drouin hurts us, no point trading defensemen for forwards. 

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1 minute ago, desiboynux4lifee******* said:

Bieksa had class, he knew the team didn't want him, Edler is the opposite the guy is a stubborn baby who will never waive his ntc.

Counter point- the team displayed no class by asking Bieksa to waive, while Edler has shown a lot of class by sticking to his word.

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