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(Discussion) The MOTHERLODE !? (Stamkos,Lucic,& Byfuglien)

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2 hours ago, coastal.view said:

people are throwing out numbers about burrows contract that are not accurate

he has a 4 year contract that has one more year to run after this year

his salary cap hit for each of these 4 years is 4.5 million per year

the amount he actually gets paid in each year of the contract declines by 1 million each year

he got paid 6 million 2 years ago, 5 million last year, 4 million this year, 3 million next year

a decline in his play was somewhat projected when looking at his salary

there is also some sense that he was overpaid in the 1st and likely 2nd years of this contract to reward him for good service and underpayment in his previous contract

so burrows is expensive from a salary cap hit perspective next year, but his $3 million salary is not really that bad given his veteran status

i doubt he will be traded, but i don't think the amount he will be paid is as prohibitive to a trade as many state so strongly on here

edit: and edler has an annual salary cap hit of $5 million and his contract is back loaded, unlike burrows contract, which was front loaded. 


Great input coastal view,  thanks for that.   Hard to think that Burrows would not be able to help someone during the playoffs. I realize that is something the Canucks are making a push for,. But perhaps there is more to gain by one or two key moves with youth as a return, regardless of a possible playoff entry.  

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I love your enthusiasm for change, but....

Keep Hamhuis at a reduced salary. I've said in another thread that he still has great value to this franchise in experience and mentorship for our youth. He doesn't pump out big points but his defensive game is invaluable to us.

Agree with trading or losing to free agency, Vrbata, Weber, Higgins and Prust. None have impressed and have actually cost this team a lot in poor or uninspiring performances. Sometimes, just getting the player off the books is a great deal in itself, so losing them to free agency wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Miller's been a great gap filler for us but Markstrom has really come around. The feel of another goalie controversy is, once again, rearing it's ugly head in Vancity. I think a deal for him would benefit both parties. Once and for all, this team needs a true #2 that only has to come in once in a while to give the #1 a break or can be dependable to fill in for a few games in case of injury. If there is a serious injury, deal with it then. James Reimer comes to mind. He's coming into free agency and would be a great #2 goalie.

Burrows needs a change. His game is stale. A new city would, hopefully, inject some life back into his game and allow us to move on to fresh options moving forward. There is no shortage of playoff teams that could use a depth player like Burrows. Teams like NYI, New Jersey Devils, Tampa Bay, Colorado, maybe Dallas, could all use a depth player that doesn't bring  long term commitment with him and will cost very little in return.

I think getting all three of Byfuglien, Lucic and Stamkos is unrealistic due to individual circumstances and wants for there respective futures but if I had to choose, I would go with Byfuglien and Lucic as #1 option. They fill the most needs. They're big, physical, can put pucks in the net, and both are reliable defensively. Byfuglien also adds versatility in that he can move up to a forward position should the need arise. If we couldn't get both, Byfluglien would be first option with Lucic being second. 

The only reason I put Stamkos third is because I belive him to be the longest shot of the three. I still think his first preference is to re-sign in Tampa and that it's only a matter of time before this happens. If it doesn't happen, I'd have to believe the Leafs are going to throw all kinds of money at him to bring him home. Given the option, I know I'd choose home first if all things were equal and I'd be very cautious overpaying for him.

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