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Animal killer Kayla Bourque wants 'unescorted time' in community


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5 hours ago, Toews said:

We should just lock up all the crazies. The first sign of deviant behavior and in you go. What guarantee is there that these people won't harm someone? Why are we talking the risk? 

I feel this is a reasonable course of action as it will assuage my concerns for my safety and the safety of my pet goldfish.

Once again I never said everyone with a mental illness should be locked away just those people who have committed crimes and are known to be dangerous. The police have said she is a high risk violent offender. They did a media release last year warning people in New west about her. They obviously believe she is a danger to society. I fail to see why not wanting her in my neighborhood is so shocking to some people.

I further fail to see why anyone would look at this girls crimes, look at her criminal history and behavior and feel safe with her having any type of access to the public. 

You can make fun of me all you want but life has taught me that there are certain things you cant prevent and things you can at least try to prevent. There are certain criminal cases where you are given warnings, given clues if you want to prevent crime and save lives. If the justice system can't keep her and others like her locked up then they should do everything to make sure these people are getting what they need to live as productive members of society. Unless that article is wrong she is not getting the proper care. She even would like to be taken back into custody to get said care. So why isn't she? Why are they trying to figure out if she should have less restrictions instead of providing the proper medical and psychological care? It makes no sense at all. It someone who is known to be a dangerous says they need access to specific care give them access. The super scary thing is that after showing evidence she isn't getting said care that she would want less restrictions. If they grant her this request I fear she will hurt more then just your goldfish!


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depriving someone of their freedom is actually a serious thing, believe it or not, and trying to predict future criminal behaviour is not an exact science

I don't think your fears are silly. they're just not enough justification to take away a person's freedom forever when their crimes are not grossly serious.

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