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NHL 2016 Draft Defensemen - (Discussion)

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Having read countless posts that suggest we should trade for NHL ready defensemen with upside. I wonder why these players would be available, without giving up something valuable from our own team. Something, I suggest we should not do.

Instead, with all the defensemen scattered through the first and second round, I suggest we move our UFA's and maybe more and go to an all in for Dman in the first 2 rounds.

When checking the first 2 rounds of both Central Scouting and ISS, they seem to be spaced relatively evenly every 3 or 4 places. I would suggest that other than winning the 1st to 3rd Overall picks, we should concentrate on drafting defensemen with every pick we have in the first 2 rounds.

It just seems like this is the year to do it........

The reason for coming to this conclusion other than the draft its self, is that it takes so much longer to develop them, and teams that have more than 2 or 3 defensive prospects, will be able to pick forwards in later drafts, as their Dmen develop in juniors or the minors....

No to mention that those teams that do have more than their share, seem to be in good position to trade for forward prospects, that can usually be ready in 1 to 2 years.....Dmen just don't develop that fast......

Anyways, with the possible movement of players like Vrbata, Hamhuis, Miller, and lesser, we stand a good chance of picking up those Defensive assets we need, without giving up any young assets

It would also be a good year to wrestle that 2nd rounder from Columbus.....wonder what it would cost?

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3 hours ago, smithers joe said:

it would be great if we could move something to columbus to get that 2nd round pick this draft....bribe

Thanks Joe, it really would be a good idea, I wonder what it would take to buy it? I am thinking a 3rd or 4th, because it is so high up?

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