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Zika and the Olympics


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"More than 3,100 pregnant women are infected with the Zika virus in Colombia, the country's president has said.


They are among the 25,645 cases reported nationwide so far, as the mosquito-borne disease continues to spread rapidly across the Americas.

President Juan Manuel Santos also projected that there could be up to 600,000 infections in 2016.

At present, there is no known treatment or vaccine for the Zika virus, which has been linked to microcephaly - a birth defect which can prevent the brains of foetuses from developing properly."



Seeing more and more about Zika in South America. So far this seems to be a very, very scary thing. If you were an  Olympic level athlete or a ticket holder  would you just stay home?

If I were female I'm  sure I'd stay the hell away, but even as a guy I think I'd skip the event. I don't know if a man can "give" the virus to his girl but the idea of birth defected babies is horrifying.


Years ago I'd laugh of the idea of a "zombie" virus but more and more super disease seems to coming to life. WTF is next?

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were all going to end up living in hamster bubbles. but on a more serious note


Zika has been around for years but its spread to the americas is new. Same thing with ebola really. Starts and festers somewhere small then gets blown up to huge amounts of infections in areas with poor sanitation or loads of special insects.


Had to cancel my mexico trip cause of this due to friends being pregnant. 

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Considering the outdoor water-sport athletes are willing to compete in what's essentially raw sewage that has disease-causing virus levels that are 1.7 million times higher than what would cause extreme alarm in the US or Europe, I doubt they'll think much of Zika.


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On 2/6/2016 at 8:12 PM, Warhippy said:

If you've seen the venues, if you've seen the water, if you've seem the beaches and the athletes villages where these people will be competing and staying....


Ya, the Zika virus is the least of the Olympics in 2016's issue

True dat!


I don't understand why they have not yet decided to cancel the events where the athletes are required to enter & swim in this slop that they're expected to compete in.


I mean, I thought the safety & health of the olympic athletes was supposed to be of paramount concern to the IOC and all of the Rio organizers. Unless someone devises a way to swim with one's mouth closed for over 1.5 km to 10 km....the triathalon events & swimming marathon should NOT be going forward, when swallowing just a few tablespoons of the bay's putrid waters will likely make the contestants violently ill - even before their events near completion. :wacko:


For that matter - given what could actually be in those waters, medal winners may be able to appeal the results of their post-event drug tests due to exposure to a variety of unknown contaminents during the competition. :unsure:

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On February 6, 2016 at 7:13 PM, gurn said:

Maybe, I do wonder just what scientists are brewing up. Reminds me of "Jurassic Park" and Goldblum's character " You guys get so caught up in whether you can you forget to ask  should we".


Watch "The Andromeda Strain", to see what we are cooking.  "Twelve Monkeys" is pretty good too.  It's not us that will come up with something to greatly reduce the plague that is man, but Mother Nature.  

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Anyone see Hope Solo's tweet with her collection of bug sprays, etc.? The Brazilian crowd did not react kindly in the first USA match against New Zealand (which the Americans won easily)


Meanwhile Canada got off to an amazing start, scoring 20 seconds in against the Australians. (ranked 5 places higher than Canada) It was the fastest goal in Olympic soccer history. The Canadian women managed to pick up a 2-nil victory, despite playing with only 10 after Shelina Zadorsky received a harsh straight red on what looked to be a superb acting job by Aussie Michelle Heyman. The sending off happened in the 18th minute, but Canada not only held on, but increased their lead when Christine Sinclair scored in the 80th minute.


Canada also had a missed penalty by Janine Beckie, who had opened the scoring on a pass in the box from Sinclair.


Next up is a match that Canada should win easily, as they take on ZImbabwe, who are ranked in the 90's worldwide. It's a match they'll need, as they face Germany in their final group stage match.

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