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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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27 minutes ago, Zfetch said:

Happy Valentine's day guys!

Hopefully you've all had someone with flowing raven hair contrasting their creamy white complexion, their amber eyes like those of a cat, the low neckline of their bodice emphasising their plump, voluptuous figure.

Awww you're so sweet thinking about me today! 

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2 minutes ago, Virtanen87 said:

Had some nsfw fun with an asian girl tonight. Never again!

Hey you gave girls a shot and it turned out they weren't your thing but you gave it the ole college try and no one can take that away from you! I'm proud of you! 

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The Fire Monkey Triad has killed milk and honey


Player List

3. Intoewsables

14. ilduce39

15. Dr.Strangelove

16. fwybwed

17. Go Faulk Yourself

19. thejazz97

20. Zfetch

23. Kazmanian Devil





Aladeen [GOAT] - Twinblade attack

Beluga Whale [RABBIT] - Twinblade attack

Dral [GOAT] - Twinblade attack

Virtanen87 [MONKEY] - Twinblade attack

King Heffy [TIGER] - Lynched

One one two [HORSE] - Triad Kill

otherwise [RABBIT] - Lynched

g_bassi13 [PIG] - Triad Kill

JAY JAY [DOG] - Lynched

Time Lord [SNAKE] - Triad Kill

DoughtysCheck [RAT] - Lynched

Qwags [OX] - Serial Killer kill

Baer. [PIG] - Triad Kill

JohnLocke [MONKEY] - Lynched

HashtagNucks [DOG] - Triad Kill

mau5trap [MONKEY] - Lynched

milk and honey [OX] - Triad kill

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